First Published circa 1952 by Collins

Illustrated by Sheila Rose

A short story set in the New Forest.

Charles and Mary are staying with Aunt Alice while their parents are abroad.
One day in the forest Mary is bemoaning their sad lot when they become aware of something stirring in the wood. . .

Sheila Rose illustration. Click to enlarge (File size=31KB)
One of Sheila Rose's illustrations
from the first edition
The Collins Children's Annual. Click to enlarge (File size=31KB)
the Collins Children's Annual
containing 'A Sort of Miracle'
cover not credited
First edition:
in the Collins Children's Annual (shown opposite) pp31-40.

One full page colour (see below) and six b/w illustrations (one shown at the top of the page).

Other Editions:

In The Children's Own Story Book, published by the Children's Press; probably in the 1950s.
I have little information on the book, other than that it is an annual format, and the cover shows children playing leapfrog on the beach.
If it follows Collins usual pattern it will be a full reprint with the original illustrations, though the latter may not be credited to Sheila Rose.

The Crackerjack Treasure Book
The Crackerjack Treasure Book
The Children's Press
in The Crackerjack Treasure Book pages 81 to 91 with the line illustrations by Sheila Rose but not credited and without the colour plate.
This would appear to be a later book than the above, with a highly gloss cover.

The full colour page illustration by Sheila Rose for the story in the Collins Children's Annual. (Click to enlarge) Sheila Rose's colour illustration. Click to enlarge (File size=38KB)

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