First Published 1969 by Collins

First edition dustwrapper. Click to enlarge (File size=28KB)
Collins 1969 First Edition
Set around Rye, Sussex.

The author's last children's novel. The two main characters from the Sussex series of books, Tamzin and Meryon, are the only ones featured.

A crime starts the story, but it is the aftermath of the crime, its affect on Meryon, that forms the core of the tale. His whole future is put in hazard and the relationship with Tamzin which has built up and developed over the years is put under the greatest strain.

First edition: dark blue boards, silver blocking; 135x200mm; 159pp; no illustrations; no map.
The full colour dustwrapper by 'Jawdokimov' supposedly shows Camber Castle and the Romney Marsh coast with an old fishing vessel off-shore. The artist was apparently not well-briefed; cover price 16s.

Other Editions:
Engelbert (peb Bcherei) 1973: as Solange der Wind weht.
hardback edition with pictorial boards; 207 x 145mm; 124pp; translation by Reinhilde Klatte; cover picture by Eva Kausche-Kongsbak; ISBN 3-536-0111-X; no illustrations.

* The first message in Guestbook 7 (back in December 2009 !) is from Sarah Wareing and she describes the differences between this edition and the original. [ information I should have added an awful lot lot sooner ! Sorry Sarah. JA]

Engelbert cover. Click to enlarge
The German edition cover
Engelbert 1973

Girls Gone By Publishers October 2009:
paperback cover. Click to enlarge
Girls Gone By edition
Unique to this edition is a 'Personal Introduction' to the book by a reader - Sally Bourne - whose personal story will move you to tears but is an honest and open account of the influence the book has had many years after its original appearance.

The book includes an entertaining preface by Shelley Edwards, again llustrated by family photographs. This is followed by Joy Wotton's articles on the author and an introduction to the book. These are followed by a short Publishing History by me.
As in the first edition there are no illustrations, but the publishers have included Geoffrey Whittam's map of the area which was not in the first edition.
The cover is the original artwork by Jawdakimov.
There are 231 numbered pages. ISBN 978-1-84745-073-9
The book was available from the publishers for £12 inclusive of postage. (Now out of print)

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