First Published circa 1959(?) by Collins

Illustrated by Gilbert Dunlop
Title drawing by Gilbert Dunlop
Title drawing by Gilbert Dunlop
from The Wizard Story Book
A short story.

London girl Sally is recovering from a road accident when she failed to save the life of her kitten and was herself hit by the milk lorry.

An injured Swallow lands on her window-sill and Sally regains her interest in life.

The story was broadcast on children's radio in the summer of 1958.

First edition:
The story appears in the Collins Children's Annual 1959 between pages 17 and 27 with illustrations by Gilbert Dunlop.

This might be the first edition; initially I had a date of c.1952.

Collins Children's Annual 1959
Collins Children's Annual 1959


'The Wizard Story Book' containing the short story 'Bird in the Hand'
The Wizard Story Book cover
The Children's Press circa 1962:
in The Wizard Story Book pages 17-27 with illustrations by Gilbert Dunlop

NB: There are several other printings with the same title and cover art.
One - marked 'This Edition 1965', and one carrying the inscription dated Christmas 1964 DO NOT have the story included. Others have a small 'label' design of a clown playing a drum labelled A Crackerjack Book on the cover as well. I don't think that any of these have the story in either.
As my copy including the title (and inscribed Xmas 1962 ) has long gone missing I can't tell you about its contents - but if buying - do check first that the story is there. If anyone has a copy including the story - please let me know what the first story of the book is - title and author to help identify editions.

NB: copies with the same cover as shown here which have either the story Gillian's Frock or The Daffodil Farm as first stories do not have Bird in the Hand.

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