First Published 1976 by Michael Joseph

First edition dustwrapper. Click to enlarge. (File size=33KB
Michael Joseph 1976
First Edition

A detailed account of the badgers inhabiting the valley near Punchbowl Farm, studied over recent years at great length by the author.

Illustrated throughout by her own excellent photographs.

This is the last of the author's autobiographical books, and deals with the years after leaving the Farm house and living in the bungalow overlooking their old home.

First edition:
Green boards with silver lettering; 145x220mm; pictorial map endpapers by Lindsey Paton; 30 b/w photographs. Dustwrapper: colour photograph by the author of badger drinking; cover price 3.95.

Other Editions:

Quality Book Club 1977:
Hardback with dustwrapper, artwork by Jane Neville; bound in dark green cloth with panel on top of spine with title and author in gilt and QB at base of spine.
The text is unchanged from the first edition, apart from the publisher being changed and its date altered. Oddly the ISBN number is given as the same on the copyright page. The cover picture, the author's photograph of Piglet at the stream, is changed to Jane Neville's picture, but the original credit remains. Fortunately all the other photographs are included.
Sadly, Lindsey Paton's attractive pictorial map of the setts is missing from this edition.
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Quality Book Club

The Sphere paperback edition. Click to enlarge
Sphere 1978 cover

Sphere 1978:
Paperback edition; 158pp; map by Lindsey Paton and all the photographs from the original except for the cover; colour photograph on cover not as first and not credited; cover price 95p.

Royal National Institute for the Blind talking book c.1996(?) No. 3071
Joy Wotton has (Sept 2009) found it listed in the current library catalogue of the RNIB where it is dated 1980 and states '2 Vols'.

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