Henry VIII's Coastal Artillery Fort at Camber Castle, Rye, East Sussex

An archaeological, structural and historical investigation

Martin Biddle, Jonathan Hiller, Ian Scott and Anthony Streeton

First Published 2001 by the Oxford Archaeological Unit for English Heritage

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cover illus by Peter Dunn
A Massive A4, 374 page, glossy tome giving a detailed account of the history of this fascinating castle.

The Castle's history and the history of the area around Rye and the Marshes is dealt with. The fascinating account of the (literal) unearthing of the past from the digging out of the interior follows.

Illustrations abound - old maps and drawings and high tech computer reconstructions. A browser's delight.
Much too large to lug around the castle itself - you'ld be exhausted before you had tramped across from the road - but a wonderful dipping book - or serious history, depending on your needs.

The lovely colour illustration on the cover shows a reconstruction of the Castle after its rebuilding in about 1542-3. This is by Peter Dunn.

I found my copy for 12.50 - with 4.25 postage to add - last December (2007) from the Castle Bookshop - The Old Rectory, Montgomery, Powys SY15 6LQ
Website: www.archaeologybooks.co.uk
They may well have other copies - brand new by the look of mine - but remember it's a large parcel - no way will it get through your letterbox - and you'll need a bookcase with a shelf space of more than a foot (300mm) high by 9 inches (230mm) depth.

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