Published by Collins 1963

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Eric Wade's colour page
from the Collins Annual 1963
Illustrated by Eric Wade

A short story.

"Why is this place called Caesar's Fire ?" Susan asked her father as they bicycled over a Sussex hilltop, heading for the distant sea. "Did he light a beacon here, or burn a village, or what ?"
"It was nothing to do with Julius, " her father said, "but, of all things, with a horse - a Crusader's horse . . ."

Published in the Collins Children's Annual 1963

This may be the First edition. However, earlier printings may turn up as Collins reused short stories in annuals quite often.

This edition is pp86-101 inclusive with six b/w illustrations by Eric Wade, and one full page colour picture reproduced above.

The annual is a glossy hardcover with a picture on the front board of four children rushing into the sea. This and the incidental pictures at the front suggest that it is a Summer production. However the spine picture looks like four children peering out of the top of a Christmas Stocking !

[Info: The first story in this annual is A Wizard Goes Flying by Mary C. Cayley.]

Collins Children's Annual 1963
Collins Children's Annual

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