First Published 1959 by Chambers

illustration from the 1st edition. Click to enlarge
one of James Hunt's illustrations
from the Wilfred Pickles Gift Book
A short story.

John and Tess fight to save the lives of a pair of Champion farm horses.

First Edition:
in the Wilfred Pickles Gift Book published by W.R.Chambers The story runs from page 202 to 208 inclusive and is illustrated with three line drawings by James Hunt.

Other Editions:

 'Book of Girl's Stories' second cover, 1981 reprint
Hamlyn 1981
second cover
Hamlyn 1964:
in A Book of Girl's Stories an anthology of twenty stories from various authors. It was retained in the abridged edition of 1979 when the number of stories were reduced to fifteen and appears on pages 199 to 207, with one full page illustration by Alison Reid.
New dustwrapper at this time.
Reprinted in 1981 (left)

Dorling Kindersley 1999: in Classic Horse and Pony Stories
An anthology of stories by various authors selected by Diana Pullein-Thompson and illustrated by Neal Puddephat.
Illustrated throughout in full colour; eight illustrations to the story The Champions; cover price £12.99
NOTE: This book is currently in the shops in Britain. Dorling Kindersley website is

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