First Published 1951 by Collins

illustrated by Geoffrey Whittam

First edn d/w.
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Collins 1951 First Edition
'As soon as Tamzin and Rissa learn that the white ship carries a cargo of horses which are being taken abroad to be slaughtered and sold as meat, they become determined to rescue them from this dreadful fate. This proved to be the most difficult thing they have ever done, and they find themselves involved in an adventure even more exciting than those we read about in The Summer of the Great Secret, The Midnight Horse and The White Riders. But once again they have the staunch help of friends. Meryon and Roger, of course, are with them heart and soul, so are the kindly Merrow family, and Old Jim and the fishermen play their part in formidable raiding parties on both sea and on land. And there is Jonah, the tough unloved boy whom they rescue and who proves so great an ally. Yet there are times when the difficulties of their undertaking seem almost too great and the highest courage and resourcefulness is demanded from each one of them.
The setting of the story is Romney Marsh, which Monica Edwards describes so vividly that you can clearly see the wide spaces, the stormy skies and the boats tossing on the sea. And you can feel, as if you had been there, the warm friendliness of the Merrow's farm, the exciting atmosphere of Jim's hut, and the serenity of Tamzin's own home.'

[Above publisher's 'blurb is from the dustwrapper's front flap.]

First edition:
Hardback with dustwrapper; green boards, front board plain; gold blocking; 135x200mm; 254pp; map endpapers, signed by Geoffrey Whittam, of the Westling area; title page vignette and 17 b/w illustrations (5 full page, others 13 to ½ page); the front flap has the publisher's 'blurb' quoted above, and states the cover price of 8s. 6d. net

Other Editions:

Children's Book Club 1952:
Hardback edition; yellow boards; black sans serif lettering on spine only; 190x125mm; 254pp; no map; no title page vignette, but all other illustrations.
The dustwrapper is a colour version of the dramatic boarding picture by Geoffrey Whittam, from page 43 of the first edition (page 30 in the Armada). Whether it is by him, or by another artist I don't know.
CBC wrapper. Click to enlarge
Children's Book Club
unique dustwrapper

Fontana cover. Click to enlarge
Junior Fontana 1955
Collins Junior Fontana paperback 1955:
188pp; no map; 16 illustrations; cover not credited ; Fontana number 68J; cover price 2/-.
A formal authors portrait adorns the rear cover.
The unnamed arist of the cover picture is almost certainly Shirley Hughes. See 'Artists' section. JA

This and 'Black Ivory' by Norman Collins, were the first two children's books to be published under the Collins paperback imprint.

Armada 1965:
160pp; Geoffrey Whittam map; 14 illustrations; cover credited to Peter Archer, but actually by Mary Gernat as confirmed by her son*; illustrator's name misspelled on the title page; Armada number C115; cover price 2/6.
Armada cover. Click to enlarge
Armada edition 1965
cover by Mary Gernat

Collins Pony Library cover. Click to enlarge
Collins Pony Library 1972
Collins Pony Library 1972:
new edition; internally as Armada edition; pictorial boards, not credited; 125x190mm; 160pp; cheap paper; original map and 13 of the b/w illustrations by Geoffrey Whittam; ISBN 0 00 164302 9
Reprinted 1973.

Goodchild 1984:
Hardback edition; revised by the author.
Grey cloth with gold blocking on spine; 241 numbered pages; no illustrations but redrawn map on endpapers.
Full colour wrap-around dustwrapper by Gordon King.
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dustwrapper by Gordon King
for the Goodchild edition 1984
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Girls Gone By edition
Girls Gone By 2017:
New paperback edition published in November 2017.
As the others from GGBP it has the complete text and all the illustrations from the first edition. Where alterations have been made they are very minor 'corrections' and are listed and explained in the short paragraph on page 22: 'Notes on the Text'.

The book's design follows the usual pattern for the series, the spine artwork is reproduced on the back of the cover, alongside the text 'blurb' from the front flap of the first edition's dustwrapper.
There are 261 pages of text. Geoffrey Whittam's map is reproduced before and after the story, reflecting its first use on the endpapers of the first edition. All his illustrations are included in the text.

It has an illustrated introduction and publishing history putting into context all the editions which have appeared over the past 66 years, and outlining the major changes to publishing over that period.

ISBN 978-1-84745-231-3; price is currently (2017) £13 including postage from the publishers.


Octopus Books 1978:
An edited version of Chapter 6 : Lantern Light to Moonlight, presented as an extract with one illustration by David Godfrey in the collection Horse and Pony Stories; Hardback edition; 399pp; reprinted 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1986 - possibly more . . .

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Octopus Books
1984 reprint

Foreign editions:

B. Wahlströms, Stockholm, 1972:
Hardback edition; as Häst-smugglarna.
Translated by Gunvor Håkansson and cover illustration by Rickard Lüsch .
A small (110 x 175mm [4.5 x 7 inches]) book, with a pictorial cover; no illustrations but a version of Geoffrey Whittam's map of Westling area (click here to see it); 159pp; cp '4:75'; ISBN: 91-32-10928-8; rear lists other children's books in the same series, this being book number 1641.
Two other books by Monica Edwards are listed, number 1479: 'Fin start, Bibi!' and number 1580: 'Monica klarar alla hinder'
The translation changes the names of both Tamzin and Meryon; to 'Monica' and 'Mark' respectively, which explains the title of number 1580 !
Rissa becomes 'Rita' and Jonah 'Jonas'. Most other proper names, including those of the horses, are unchanged.

The Swedish hardback cover. Click to display full cover
Swedish edition
cover by
Rickard Lüsch
B. Wahlströms Bokförlag 1972

click to see full cover
cover of the
Norwegian edition

Fredhøis Forlag (1975)
Norwegian edition, hardback with pictorial boards as Hestesmusglerne.
The book is not dated, Sean Edwards lists the date as 1975. Translated by Håkon Qviller. The translation uses the same substitution of names as the Swedish edition, and has the same cover artwork, although the artist is not credited. However there is no map in this edition.
The binding is very similar, with strong red tape binding the boards and identical size. In this case the spine has the number '7' at its base and presumably this is the seventh book in some series. Its cover price is 'KR 19.50'.
ISBN: 82-04-00609-8.

* (The original draft artwork was discovered recently. See the Mary Gernat page. June 2015)

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