Extra ! . . Extra !

28th Jan 2018: The Cownappers and The Outsider are now out of print. To buy - order from dealers, not from the publishers.
Cargo of Horses is now almost out of print - less than 30 copies at the publishers
14th Dec 2017: Minor editing to the Miracle page - and a warning note added to the Bird in the Hand page relating to the difficulty of successfully finding the correct annual - and a request for help !
Have also updated the images and book details of Such a Pony was Gipsy, adding 'first story in the edition' details as far as I know them - which might help find the correct book.

13th December 2017: Julia Smith sent me a couple of pictures the other day. They're of covers I haven't had on display on the site. I'm really grateful for two reasons - firstly thatI didn't have the books when I put the site together, and secondly because it kicked me into updating some pages which have been neglected for years.
So yesterday I chained myself to the computer and completely revised the page on A Sort of Miracle adding the pictures of editions I know about - where I could find my copies - many I sold years ago in a big clear-out and have tried to find decent copies since . . .
So now, if you look at the story's page - you'll find much more information than there was. You may have to 'refresh' the page to see the changes.

So, many thanks to Julia. And soon I must look at the others. They all are missing important information I think.

16th November 2016: Cargo of Horses has arrived - back in print and a lovely new edition. Details are on the book's page.

21st October 2017: The new edition of Cargo of Horses will be delivered from the printers at the beginning of November. Those who have ordered copies should have them very soon next month !

17th August 2017: Have adjusted the contents of the panel which appears on the left when you first log in. It now has links to the Ferry-Hut News page, where past issues can be opened and/or downloaded. and links to two of the Monica Edwards pages on Facebook.

These two are Brian's 'open' page and the Monica Edwards Appreciation Group: a 'closed' group which is for members of the M*E*A*S.
I haven't (yet) put a link to the 'Fan Club' page as I think that would complicate things just now . . . that will follow.

N.B.Please note that I have not (yet) updated the Ferry-Hut News page. I do intend to bring out further issues - but I dunno when it'll be ! Anyone wanting postal copies of back numbers get in touch - don't send envelopes or stamps !

16th August 2017: Girls Gone By have announced the adjusted estimated date for the publication of the new edition of Cargo of Horses. It is now expected in mid-October.
Remember to pre-order it from them, or book your copy from a dealer, to ensure enough are printed.
Happy reading !

10th August 2017: M*E*A*S members please read the message found at the top of the front page. (you may need to 'refresh') I shan't say what it's about, as it only concerns members and the changes that are about to happen.

10th August 2017: A while back I floated the idea of replacing this site's Guestbook with a Facebook page. Yesterday I noticed that a Facebook page called Monica Edwards Fan Club had started. There's no indication who has started this - but I can state that it's not me ! Nor is it connected to The Monica Edwards Appreciation Society.
This is simply to clarify the situation. Not knowing who is overseeing a site like this makes me a little uneasy - but I'm assuming it's been done simply to give people a place to comment.

4th July 2017: Girls Gone By have just announced that Cargo of Horses will be the next Monica Edwards book to be published.
The publication date is expected to be 'late September'.
Remember that The White Riders went out of print very quickly - so, to avoid disappointment you should pre-order it with the publishers - or with your 'pet' dealer.

2nd June 2017: Veronica sent a message about an anniversary she's spotted. I don't know how I've missed it !! See the Guestbook . . .

11th May 2017: Monica Edwards Books - collection in sale next Wednesday 17th May.
Joyce has passed on a tip-off from Jim and Jan Rayner that there is a collection to be sold at Unique Auctions of Lincoln next Wednesday. It is Lot 13 and the sale starts at 9:30am.

Details can be found in the catalogue which can be found at www.thesaleroom.com by adding 'Monica Edwards' to the search box. Not a lot of details are given, but photographs of some or perhaps all, can be seen.

** Remember - the winning bid will have auction charges etc added ! **

17th December 2016: Further to the surprise announcement that The White Riders, newly issued in paperback and including the short story The Telegram has already gone out of print; the publishers also report that they have run out of stock of Jane Badger's book - Heroines on Horseback.
I have updated the relevant pages on the site to correct the information.

15th December 2016: The White Riders is out of print !
There were low pre-orders so the print run was small and in two months the publisher's stock has all been sold.
The dealers who ordered stock will still probably have copies, but probably not enough ! It pays to pre-order, especially as this book has the reprint of the short story The Telegram !!
The GGBP site gives details of some, at least, of the dealers who regularly carry stock of the books.
23rd October 2016: My new copy of The White Riders arrived this weekend; another lovely job from Girls Gone By. It's lovely to see it back in print again - and with the added bonus of the short story The Telegram as well - quietly tucked away after the end of the main story. I love these early books . . . Anyway, before I get all poetic - I've scanned the book cover in bits and reassembled those bits. I've added the details to the book's page, and to the short story's page and the GGBP page and changed the announcement on the front page and am doing this then uploading them then going to cook lunch . . .
Have a nice autumn. Happy reading . . .

6th September 2016: A slight delay with the publication of The White Riders from Girls Gone By - Its publication is now expected early next month.

6th August 2016 With the impending publication next month of one of my favourite books, The White Riders, and the announcement that the short story The Telegram will be included in the Girls Gone By new edition, I have updated the two pages related to these Monica Edwards stories.

27th July 2016: The publication of The White Riders from Girls Gone By has been put back a little and it is now expected to be in September.
Those hawk-eyed individuals amongst us will already have noticed the change to the 'Welcome' page, but I thought I'd better mention it here as well, for those who hadn't.
I really ought to adjust the front page as there are, until September, only two of the books still 'in print' with GGBP. Dealers and shops will still have stock of many of the others - so don't feel you will have to spend a fortune to get a copy, just 'shop around'. Lists of dealers are on the GGBP site, under 'Book Dealers' within 'Book Titles'.

21st June 2016:- Happy Midsummer's Day ! - and SALE soon ! by Gill Bilski:
. She writes:
There will be a new catalogue out in the next couple of weeks with a HUGE sale of new reissued books (GGB, Greyladies etc) as well as the usual second-hand children's & adult fiction, non-fiction, annuals & magazines.
The sale is for catalogue customers only so, if you would like to receive a copy, please let me know on gillbilski@gmail.com - saying if you would like like a hardcopy booklet (I will need your address) or email attachment.

The 'new reissued' books are ones bought in from the publishers and unsold - so are unread new books. I have no idea which books might be in the sale, or if there are any of Girls Gone By's Monica Edwards titles reduced, but I thought you might be interested . . .

28th April 2016: Girls Gone By have announced their next Monica Edwards title. It is to be The White Riders !
It is intended that it be published in August this year, and, once again, please preorder copies to be sure that enough are printed.

18th March 2016: Added details of The Westling Day on June 4th which can be found on the Special Events Page - via the date on the Welcome page or from the Society page on the top menu.
The arrangements for the weekend are fully described. It promises to be a fascinatng visit. I only wish I could join you - but I can't see that I shall be fit enough by then . . .
3rd February 2016: Have updated the Girls Gone By page to give their correct new postal address, and to show correctly the books still available from them direct. Out pf print copies will still be available from dealers, some of which are given on the GGBP site - listed under 'Titles' - then 'Dealers'.
Oh - and A Happy New Year, belatedly !
1st November 2015: Added a lovely message to the current guestbook from Betty Campbell.
It's the second message this year !
Reflection on this has prompted me to raise an issue which has been nagging away at me for ages, and to suggest a solution. Please read the load of green writing below Bett's message and let me know what you think of my idea. Please !

28th October 2015: Tweaked the display of the 'Titles' listing to make it a little clearer; easier to use.

9th October 2015: Corrected the typos in the entry for 12th September ! Slapped hands.

12th September 2015: The Outsider arrived this morning - hot off the press from GGBP. I've scanned and added it to the site. Another lovely paperback. Only 6 to go in the Marsh and Punchbowl series - which will be next ? Cargo of Horses would be good . . .

2nd September 2015: Done a little work on the Sure Magic page, to update some of the elderly pictures. I can't do much with the first edition ones because I can't find my copy of the book with the first (assumed) printing of it. It'll be in my flat somewhere . . . I know that . . I'll just keep my eyes open for it. There's a load of books which I've been meaning to scan, including some foreign ones. Should've made a list . . . I'm sure I've seen them somewhere . . .
Oh, yes, and I added a couple of artists to the Artists list.

28th August 2015: The last day to order books in the '3 for 2' Sale by Girls Gone By. All orders must be in today !!

7th August 2015: Added link and announcement of Girls Gone By's SALE OF BOOKS taking place now, and lasting almost to the end of August - to the front page. Most books are included including all the Monica Edwards titles already in print (i.e. excepting The Outsider).
Follow the link in the logo to see the details.

31st July 2015: Adjusted the 'due date' for the new Girls Gone By edition of The Outsider in the GGBP page and on the Welcome (front) page.

19th July 2015: While looking for something else I realised that I had not 'greened' the title of Jane Badger's book Heroines on Horseback on the Girls Gone By page - which made me think it was out of print, which it isnt !
So I have. Greened it I mean. And corrected a typo on its page as well. I don't normally mention these little corrections - if I did, this page would be yards longer . . .

5th July 2015: The Welcome page should now display the date of the next M*E*A*S meeting in Surrey - a Punchbowl Treasure Trail in September. Fuller details are on a page linked to the 'calendar page' there and also from the Society page.
While I was tampering with the front page, I also corrected the 'Martello' mention, further down, so that it now displays that 10 issues have been published. I've left the figure standing for so long some folk might think it's gone out of business !

13th June 2015: Having bought a nice copy of the Book Club edition of Under the Rose, two years ago now, I have at last tinkered with the dustwrapper scan and added the pictures and a fuller description to the book's page.
3rd June 2015: And then there were twelve ! Another mis-credited Armada cover brings Mary Gernat's total to a dozen, and still, I think, there may be more to turn up. Armada seem to have been a little careless in their attribution.
I have updated the relevant pages, including the pictures.

25th May 2015, 11:30 am: The Nightbird and No Entry Armadas I have done (!) and am now going for a lie-down . . .

24th May 2015: I have spent the last few days adding more, particularly to update the pictures of Armada covers on the site.
Most of the pictures on the site originated in the early 1990s. I had photographed all the different covers and when I obtained a 'scanner' - a small 'ice-scraper' thing with a three-inch aperture. (A 'flat-bed' scanner was over a thousand pounds !) I scanned the photographs to use in a booklet.
Later I used these colour scans to illustrate the books on this site.
When Girls Gone By asked me to do publishing histories for the books they were reprinting I started afresh, this time with a flat-bed scanner, (prices had dropped to a hundred pounds), and softwear to repair the scuffed, scratched, stained and battered books on my the shelves. (Don't believe my collection of books are in as good condition as the pictures show - they've all been touched up to look as they did when new !)
Replacing the old with the new is good, but it's time consuming and fiddly work - and very boring to do . . . hence the delay.

The arrival of Roger's email - and the interest in Mary Gernat's covers for Armada has kicked me into activity, and I have now processed all but two of the Armada covers; only the covers of The Nightbird and No Entry await updating.
Not only that - ! - but I have spent today carefully substituting the pictures and fiddling with the programming to get them to display.
So now all the Armadas (with the two exceptions I mentioned), are on their book pages, and all the ones we know are covered by Mary Gernat's artwork are also on her page - and there's a new page - showing all the Armada editions. All the pictures show the front covers and (with the exceptions etc etc) all will get bigger and open to display the complete cover when clicked !
The new page can be reached from the Index - Armada Books and it will grow because I want to put some history etc on there as well.

By the way - If you have looked at a page recently, you may need to 'refresh' the page on your browser in order to show changes. Your computer probably holds a copy of the page for a while to reload rather than downloading a new copy each time from the internet, so your displayed page might be a week old. That doesn't matter with my normal speed of updating the site - but it's a good idea to 'refresh' if you expect something might have changed.

20th May 2015: Have been doing various 'tidying-up' jobs in the last few weeks - most too small to merit announcing here - but I have been contacted by Roger How, one of the sons of Mary How - better known to us as the artist Mary Gernat.
For her professional work she used her maiden name, and it was under this that she did the covers of at least eleven of the Monica Edwards paperbacks.
The discovery of the draft designs has confirmed that two of these covers, one incorrectly ascribed to Peter Archer, the other uncredited (at least in the copies I've seen) were certainly her work.
So I have redone her page in the 'Artists' section to correct the information, and have, with the kind permission of Roger, added a picture of one of the 'roughs'.
Thank you again, Roger, for getting in touch and allowing us to see this work.

6th May 2015: Girls Gone By have announced that they are publishing The Outsider in the next few months. If you want a copy please order early - as this helps them decide the number they have printed. Price still £13 including postage direct from them. You can get straight to the site by clicking on their logo on the front 'welcome' page and on their page here via the index.
5th April 2015: I had a parcel from Norway yesterday. In it was a copy of their edition of Cargo of Horses. I have added some detail and scans of the book to the book's page.

18th February 2015: An email arrived today from Veronica Keywood; it's in the current Guestbook (Vol. 10) and relates to the Rye Fawkes Weekend.

21st January 2015: Just added a note to The Midnight Horse page about the American edition.
I bought a copy last year - and I'll add some more information soon (i.e. 'when I get round to it' - that list is getting ever so long !) - but there was one difference I hadn't been aware of, apoint which surprised me - so I've added the fact to that edition's description.

16th January 2015: I have added (late again I'm afraid) a message from Rosemary Myers, asking for feed-back from other readers - see the current Guestbook (no. 10).

12th November 2014: I have added (late I'm afraid) a message from Brian Parks about a discovered poem, a fragment of which was quoted by Monica Edwards in Strangers to the Marsh. It's in the current Guestbook (no. 10).

14th September 2014: Message from Joyce Bailey about an event in Rye in November - involving Monica Edwards - see the current Guestbook.

14th June 2014: I have discovered a problem on Internet Explorer - it's gone most peculiar on my system at least.
Your computer is probably set to save pages for a few days and reload the saved page from its memory rather than download afresh from the internet.
(You can change this - I altered it to save pages for 0 days - if I can remember how I did it I'll put a note in sometime.)
If it is set up like that and I've changed something on the site you will be a few days behind the change. To get round this you 'refresh' the screen by clicking a circular green or blue arrow somewhere at the top. This reloads the website from the internet.
Now - It used to go to the opening view, starting afresh at the Welcome page. Not Now ! On mine at least you get the right hand page displaying a second owl - a repeat of the left hand panel !
If you select one of the options above from the title bar it will appear in the right place, and you're back to normal - I hope

The trouble is probably that I programmed the website way back in 2001 and things were different then - If it drives you mad then I suggest you try Firefox or Google Chrome - The old-style programming format still works on them - and probably others as well.
I find these both 'cleaner' and 'slicker' than Explorer so I've not used IE for a year or so. So apologies if you've suffered meanwhile . .

Happy browsing !

(If this doesn't make much sense - blame the Chemo I'm on at the moment!)

P.S. I've upped the size of the type on this page - let me know if it's better/worse !

29th May 2014:Two emails arrived last week - from Catherine Wuidart and Elizabeth Drury - who had been down to Sussex for the M*E*A*S weekend - I've added them to the Guestbook today - Elizabeth has included photographs !

19th May 2014: Added a message from Jenny Curtinsmith to the Guestbook.

Girls Gone By have launched a new improved website. The next Monica Edwards book, The Cownappers has been annunced for publication, expected in July. It can be ordered now.
I've updated their page on this site.

13th March 2014: The M*E*A*S announce the Romney Marsh Visit and Saltings Walk - announced for a weekend in May - see the link on the Society page.

15th Feb: The Devil's Punchbowl visited on the Countryfile programme last Sunday - see the Guestbook message from Veronica.

8th January 2014: Have now added emails from Jill Goulder - received by me on 8th Dec, showing storm damage to the shingle walk at Rye Harbour and Joyce Bailey's email about Martello as well as a few from Veronica Keywood and (I hope) some clarifying notes on the latter. Great apologies to these three and for the delay in adding them.

5th January 2014: A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL and an APOLOGY
I'm afraid I have been inefficient of late in updating the site - this is because I had an unfortunate medical emergency at the end of September resulting in drama and hospital and then with the diagnosis of oesophageal cancer.
I am now in the middle of 9 weeks chemotherapy after which I shall probably have a nasty operation in the middle of March - a sort of surgical eviceration by all accounts. So far I have been able to retain my sense of humour, if not my hair, but my mental facilities have suffered. At least I'm blaming the chemotherapy - it might just be age !
Anyway - there it is - it's not lack of interest - and those emails for the Guestbook which have been waiting for weeks will (soon?) get up there - and hopefully there will be another Ferry-Hut News before too long.
Thank you Joyce for a lovely new Martello Magazine - which all subscribers should have received by now - if you haven't - contact Joyce via the MEAS links. Her message is still waiting to be added.
Raise your glasses to 2014 and to all our healths ! - Sincerely, John.

30th October 2013: I've added a lovely picture from Jill of The Beach Clean to the Guestbook and will add more messages before long - promise.

2nd October 2013: I'm out of comission for a week or so and the emails flood in ! Well, three ! Apologies for the delay - Feedback from the Beach Clean, interesting links and news of a sale . . . all on the Guestbook now. I haven't yet made the links 'clickable' - I'm pushed for time, but I've put them in bold text. Thanks Jill and Catherine.
4th September 2013: Frenchman's Secret has now been published by Girls Gone By - and is available from them and from many book dealers. Another great product, and with the usual extras - and some unusual ones . . .

23rd August 2013: Unfortunately the planned M*E*A*S events for September 14th and 15th have had to be cancelled - this announcement from Joyce explains.

For those who need a 'fix' of fresh sea air - the Beach Clean fun is still on offer for the following Friday, and Saturday - Jill Goulder will be delighted to see you - see the front page of the site.

11th August 2013: Details for September's Romney Marsh and Rye Harbour days are now available from the Monica Edwards Appreciation Society - click on the dates on the front page or the link on the Society page.

I've also updated the entries for each book already published in a Girls Gone By edition, adding 'out of print' to those relevant and put the 'in print' titles in green on the Girls Gone By page (see Index). However, as can be seen from the next entry - for up-to-date information you must visit the publisher's site !
I've also added some info about the German edition of A Wind is Blowing to that entry. The information is from Sarah Wareing - and is from the Guestbook (No 7). She sent it in December 2009 - and it's taken me this long to update the entry !!

I have a TABLET (Modern eh !). It's great for loading MS Publisher files and spreadsheets as pdfs and reading when at bookfairs etc. But its browser doesn't read the frames of this site properly - the whole picture scrolls down - a nightmare as this site depends on the left-hand panel moving independently of the main screen and the title bar.
Thankfully I have discovered that the browser 'Firefox' does work properly - so have downloaded that, free, this morning and all seems well - so far.
As more and more are browsing with the convenience of a tablet I was seeing the end of the site's life as there is no way I can convert it from the basic design I used back in the 1990s. At least it will last a little longer. Phew !

26th June 2013: Jill Goulder has sent details of this years Westling Beach Clean-up - see her message on the Guestbook - and mark the date in September in your diaries !

The Hoopoe film is fantastic - first time I've seen one - your last opportunity to see it on iplayer !

21st June 2013: While I'm still waiting for the BBC to load their iplayer copy of yesterday's The One Show (see below) I've added another message from Julia.
This follows on from Marion's earlier message about reading Monica's books, and is fascinating. Please read and feel free to comment.

20th June 2013: News from Julia Smith ! Hoopoes in England ! - (well, actually from the BBC - via Julia -) her message in the guestbook gives the story and a link to the broadcast - which should be available until the 27th June.

5th June 2013: My copy of the new paperback Punchbowl Harvest arrived yesterday - another lovely book from Girls Gone By publishers. That's what's special about their editions - they really care about them - and it shows.
Picture and details on the book's page.
26th May 2013: I have added the new book on Pony Stories - Heroines on Horseback to the site - and links from the index under its title and author, Jane Badger.
I've also corrected the expected date of publication for Punchbowl Harvest from Girls Gone By - due in a week or so !!.

3rd May 2013: An interesting email from Marion Boyle in the Guestbook. (As welcome as the sun after the last winter !)

1st April (not a joke !): Gaie Brown has solved the puzzle - see the Guestbook.

21st March 2013: Have just added TWO new messages to the Guestbook !!

5th March 2013: Updated the front page to include the announcement of the imminent publication of the new Girls Gone By edition of Punchbowl Harvest in May.

11th January 2013: See the Guestbook, No 10 - message from Joyce, only just added, though she sent it to me before Christmas - M*E*A*S members please check as it gives news of the latest Martello (Number 8).

7th January 2013: I've added a little to the Welcome page - including the mention of Sure Magic in the headliner of The Wanderer. At the same time I've adjusted the mention of the new book on Pony Stories (see previous entry) so that the link takes you to the relevant part of the Publisher's page. Which reminds me - I must pre-order my copy of Jane Badger's book . . .

I've added a picture of The Vanguard Book of Ponies and Riding which includes the complete No Mistaking Corker to the latter's page. This, of course, makes my old pictures of the books look very tatty - so I must soon start a job I've been putting off for a long time. I must start to rescan and clean up all the other early pictures and displays. This will take some time !

23rd December 2012: Christmas Greetings to all - and for you - a new Ferry-Hut News.
Although only two pages as normal - the pictures mean that it is a big file - so will take a little time to download; Happy reading !
26th November 2012: Have added details of The Wanderer in its lovely new edition from Girls Gone By to the book's page - as well as the page on Sure Magic - the short story which has been included as an extra in this edition.

I've also added a note to the publisher's page about a book which has a chapter on Monica Edwards - Heroines on Horseback. This is by Jane Badger (of Badger Books) and will be coming out next year, from GGBP. It promises to be good - more information on the publisher's website - and please pre-order if you want the book - it helps to predict the numbers required from the printers.

18th October 2012: An offer from Alison on the Guestbook !

14th October 1012: See the Guestbook for a 'poll' request from William Morris.

17th September 2012: William Morris has sent a message to the Guestbook, giving extra information about the Rye Harbour visit in October - to add to the invitation (link below and on 'Welcome' page).

16th September 2012: A lovely photograph of yesterday's happy group of Beachcombers - in this case not looking for interesting flotsam and jetsam, but rubbish dumped by the tide or by careless trippers - graces the Guestbook, thanks to an email update from Jill Goulder.
Looks like it was a fun afternoon - maybe I shall try to get down there next year and join in !

14th September 2012: Follow this link for the Invitation to the Romney Marsh Day next month. It's from the Appreciation Society (M*E*A*S) and can also be found via a link on the Society's page. (To print the page - right click somewhere on the page and left click on 'print'.)
This is the second of three special events to celebrate this centenary year of the author's birth.

Please also look at the Guestbook - as there is a request for a lift from one of the attendees !
Sadly, I have had to cancel my plans to attend - it will be a lovely day for those who can make it.

11th August 2012: The last chunk was added to the computer yesterday afternoon and so I can now start on the backlog !
I have added Spirit of Punchbowl Farm, the latest lovely paperback from Girls Gone By, to the site - full details are now on the book's page.
It won't be too long before The Wanderer is appearing. How time flies !

31st July 2012: Computer's back - just a bit more to fix shortly - but it's enabled me to bring the Guestbook up to date !! - Big messages about the lovely Thursley day Celebration of Monica Edwards' Centenary - and one or two other things - Have you mislaid your Programme ? - and how to get one !
I'll add info on the Programme itself and put some pictures up soon - but there'll be a few days gap now . . . Cheers, John

23rd June 2012: What a fantastic Centenary Garden Party. A lovely day - and the weather surprised us all. Thank you to all at Thursley who helped make it a really memorable as well as an enjoyable day.
Lots of messages in the Guestbook - including a photograph from Elizabeth Drury - and information on how to get a copy of the lovely programme.

15th June 2012: Hey-Ho I'm off to Surrey today - (300 miles !) staying down there for the weekend - Julia Edwards has sent her apologies - see the Guestbook - we'll miss her but hopefully there'll be a few 'old timers' I've met before . . .

13th June 2012: Punchbowl Day this Sunday !
William has sent a message to the Guestbook with more information on the day - and description of the Souvenir Programme he's produced - essential reading for those attending - and the curious !!
It promises to be a lovely day - I shall be travelling from the Far North and, all being well, shall see you there.
31st May 2012: A message from Joyce about the Punchbowl Day has arrived and can be found in the Guestbook.

22nd May 2012: A postscript from Wendy - this time about an exhibition of Anne Bullen's work in autumn - details in the Guestbook.

17th May 2012: A veritable flurry of emails in the Guestbook today - (well nearly . .) - mainly about Eric Ravilious.

16th May 2012: Veronica Keywood has dropped a line to the Guestbook - with a link to a Newsletter which will be of interest to those visiting Rye in the near future. Thanks for that Veronica; I'm sure it will be of interest.

14th May 2012: Rosemary Myers has sent a message to the Guestbook - she has found some interesting pictures of Rye Harbour.

20th April 2012: The detailed programme for the Punch Bowl Day on 17th June has arrived from Joyce and Sue, via William, and can be obtained from the front page link - and from the M*E*A*S Events page.

19th April 2012: Message about the Rye Harbour Beach Clean-ups - including one this coming Sunday - see the message from Jill Goulder in the current Guestbook (No. 10).
Also an invitation to join William at the Punch Bowl for a few days in June - the link is from the Welcome page.

12th March 2012: Message from Joyce - the next issue of Martello is on its way !! See the Guestbook.
In the next few days I'll add details of the M*E*A*S activities for this year - visits to the Punchbowl Farm area and to Rye Harbour (Westling).

21st December 2011: Really Great News from Philip at Rye Harbour - see the Guestbook (Vol 9) !!

9th December 2011: As can be seen from the front page, Issue 14 of The Ferry-Hut News has arrived at last. A great relief to me as I was wondering if it would ever appear !

3rd December 2011: Had an email from Jenny which I've added to the Guestbook - it's enabled me to add a little bit of information to the description of the first edition of Strangers to the Marsh. So, thank you Jenny - and if there are other bits that you know and are missing - do drop me a line - you never know what might be useful to someone !.
11th November 2011: There's a message from Elizabeth Williams in the Guestbook - commenting on some good news from Girls Gone By.

26th October 2011: I've added the scans and information on the new Girls Gone By edition of Punchbowl Midnight to the book's page and updated the illustrations of the other editions.

28th September 2011: Two added messages to the Guestbook - Jill's feed-back from the Beach Cleaning exercise - with an idea for next year - and an uplifting comment from a 'returning' visitor !
Thank you both - it's particularly cheering to know that as it nears its tenth birthday the site's still useful . .

15th September 2011: An Urgent Message from Jill Goulder has stirred me from my convalescent stupor to add the message and headline the front page.
At the same time I have added William's message and Joyce's 'report' on the 'Valley and Farm' walk at the beginning of the month.
See the Guestbook !

Apologies to all for the delays - and for the long gap between issues of the Ferry-Hut News. It will come out - eventually !

16th August 2011: A message from William which some of you might find interesting - I've added it to the Guestbook.

10th August 2011: Another email error - sorry - I've now corrected it - but Guestbook messages have been not getting through - all being well now solved.
Valley and Farm walk message from Joyce now added to the Guestbook. Apologies again - John.

1st August 2011: After a little head-scratching I sorted out the email anomaly this week-end, so I've reinstated the email address: martello@monicaedwards.co.uk for contacting the Society (you may have to 'refresh' the page to reload the changes). My apologies to the frustrated emailers who got only a 'not known' response; hopefully it shouldn't happen again. Grovelingly, John

28th July 2011: Email from Joyce - seems there is some problem with the Society email link reported by a member - checked and it's not working - neither is mine !
Have changed the email links on the front page of the site, the Society page, and the Special Announcement page for the September walk to ones which will work - and put an alert on the front page.
I'm very sorry about this - I think this might have happened when I changed the location of the sites - can't understand exactly where the problem is. It may take a few days to sort out - meanwhile the links from the above pages will work. John
25th July 2011: An Invitation to join with M*E*A*S and William Morris on the next major event - starting from Thursley on September 4th next.
click the link for your invitation - at the beginning of this announcement or at the bottom of the 'Welcome' page.

16th July 2011: Moved the site to a new server - not that there was a problem with the old one - I just wanted to create a new site - hopefully all will go well. Fingers very crossed. It's been as nerve-racking as moving house !

28th May 2011: Have updated the postal address for Susan Stannard in Australia on the M*E*A*S page.

25th May 2011: I've added some detail to the M*E*A*S Walk page for this next Monday - more detail on location of the meet and length of the walk. Happy gathering !

10th May 2011: Following the publication of Black Hunting Whip in its new edition from Girls Gone By I've added details of this smashing edition to the book's page - and have redone many of the illustrations on that page - eventually I'll update the information as well as it is about seven years since I did (!)
Shelley's lovely preface to the book has produced a response from Ros Myers - which I've added to the Guestbook.

William's Treasure Hunt visit to the Punchbowl was, by all accounts, a tremendous success - so don't forget the M*E*A*S one at the end of the month.

14th April 2011: Special Announcement about a Treasure Hunt in William's walk on the 1st May was added to the front page - following the note on an old envelope found around the farm. Details are on his walk page. Happy hunting !

5th April 2011: Back from Rye after a Saville weekend - but did gaze fondly across Camber Sands (from the top of a double-decker bus !).
I have added two announcements to the front page which have arrived this week - and direct links to the details for each - both are walks around the Punchbowl area next month.
It's a lovely welcome to Spring after what seems, to me at least, the longest winter for ages. Mind you it's a bit chilly coming back up north after the lovely sunshine of Sussex !
I've also updated William's page with his email address, and the info on the M*E*A*S walk is linked to the Society page as a Special Announcement.

4th March 2011: Message this morning for those in Wolverhampton area about an RNLI exhibition which includes material on the Mary Stanford lifeboat disaster. See Guestbook for more details.

21st February 2011: Returned this morning fom sticking the the postal copies of Ferry Hut News 13 in the letter box and found in my post-box The Martello 6 !
Joyce emailed me this afternoon with a message - see Guestbook. So - nothing for ages - then a windfall - or avalanche ! (it's snowing again by the way . . .)

20th February 2011: Winter's still with us - and at last I've managed to wake up enough to complete the latest Ferry Hut News: Number 13.
I'm not superstitious, thank goodness. . . . touch wood.

29th January 2011: Apologies for the lack of activity - I have been aroused from hibernation by Ros Myers' email - see Guestbook - and apologies particularly for the absence of Issue 13 of the Ferry Hut News.
It's been on the drawing board since October and revamped to be autumn, then Christmas, then New Year issues - so maybe Spring - or perhaps I should abandon it for superstiutious reasons and go straight to number 14 ?
At the moment I'm deep in analysis of the different editions of Black Hunting Whip for its forthcoming publication by Girls Gone By. As soon as that's out of the way I'll get on with FHN whatever.

25th Sept 2010: The new paperback of Fire in the Punchbowl has arrived. Like all the others so far - it's a lovely product. Available now direct from Girls Gone By.
I've added the details to the book's page and taken the opportunity to update the pictures of the other editions as well. Don't forget you can enlarge almost all the pictures on the site by clicking on them.

18th Sept 2010: Details of the forthcoming visit to Westling by M*E*A*S are now available via the Society's page (shortcut on the welcome page) - and the dates of William's Punchbowl Walks for next year can be found by clicking the link on the front page as well.

5th Sept 2010: Who's Anne ? Eagle-eyed readers of FHN will have spotted the appearance of Anne instead of Sue in the paragraph about M*E*A*S' returning to Rye Harbour.
I have now corrected the error - I'm becoming notorious for my name errors - apologies again to Sue.

4th Sept 2010: Urgent - Help !! Message from Alison Harvey on Guestbook !! Re: the walk next Sunday (12th) - - please read if going along and can help.

4th September 2010: Facebook not completely hidden - Brian's sent me a better link to the gossip pages for those reluctant to sign in.
I've corrected it on the front page and here's the new link:
I've removed the reference to it not working - below; and thanks once again Brian.
29th August 2010: Sunday - not Saturday ! The eagle-eyed will have spotted the error in FHN-12 - now corrected on the download copy - that William's walk around Punchbowl Farm area is on Sunday 12 Sept - not as in the first issues - and all the postal ones sent out so far.
Please make sure if you're thinking of going. Apologies to William and to those who may have been mislead.
27th August 2010: New Ferry Hut News - now out; may take a few minutes to download.
Note William's Black Hunting Whip walk by Punchbowl Farm in a couple of weeks time - details by clicking on the picture on the front page.

10th May 2010: Brian Parks has created a Monica Edwards Facebook page.
This following discussion last week-end on the Thursley walk. There is more detail in his email in the Guestbook.
The link is:
I am not registered with Facebook but was successfully linked to it using the above link; please let me know if there are any problems !

6th May 2010: The Thursley visit went well - there's a couple of messages arrived for the Guestbook which I've added, and one in the post for me ! a signed message from the intrepid explorers. For which - Very many thanks - a lovely surprise . . .

27th April 2010: CORRECTION NOTE Corrections to errors in the first copy of FHN-11 have been made and uploaded. The postal versions will have the errors in Brian's name (again!) and in the reference to an article appearing where it doesn't. Apologies to Brian, yet again.

26th April 2010: Ferry-Hut News No.11 has been posted and added to the download side-panel of the Welcome page - as well as the Newsletter's own page - found via the Index.

24th March 2010: Apologies from Sue Winn, but there will be a delay in her sending out renewal notices to M*E*A*S* Members. I suppose there's nothing to stop you renewing before the notice arrives !

24th March 2010: The M*E*A*S 'Special Announcements' page has been updated to announce the impending visit to Thursley - the Highnoons Village of the Punchbowl books.

Martello number 5 has arrived and it's better than ever. Number 5 already ! Time does fly, it only seems like yesterday that the idea was floated .. . Thanks to Sue and Joyce - and to all those who've joined in so far - you're a great lot !

8th March 2010: See the Guestbook for the latest news from M*E*A*S - details of the next event in early May - and also news of Martello, the Society Magazine.

1st March 2010 6pm: Just before lunch my copy of Brian Park's Biography arrived. I have given details on the book's page and have already read to the half-way point.
It will not disappoint, I'm sure.
Brian and Girls Gone By have done an excellent job.

1st March 2010 11am: I have tidied up the pages on the two non -fiction 'Badger Books', The Badgers of Punchbowl Farm and Badger Valley.
I have scanned copies better than the originals, and tidied up the tattier one as well as 'framing' the enlarged pictures; so many still to do !

26th February 2010: I have added a link on the Welcome page to the Invitation to Join William Morris on his guided walks around the Punchbowl area this year. There are only two dates on the invitation (which may be obtained by clicking the picture) as the Society are planning a visit in mid-summer and William doesn't want this to clash with any of their arrangements.
Am now going to see if the post has arrived. I don't need to say why !.

21st February 2010:
I have inserted into the new Guestbook an email I received last month. It is from Jo Kirkham and reports that one of the publications of the Rye College Local History Group is available for purchase again. This is Bygone Rye Harbour in a new, improved edition.
Full details can be found on the page I've added for the publications, Rye Memories including purchase details for this and another volume of interest, both of which are mentioned in Brian Parks' Guide to the Romney Marsh series

Readers of the Ferry-Hut News will already be aware that William Morris is again running (if that's the right word) his walks around the Punchbowl Farm area.
I have updated the invitation to include the 2010 dates - found via William's page.

19th February 2010: Have had an email from Elizabeth Wiliams, pointing out that the next GGBP edition has been announced.
I've taken the opportunity to open a new Guestbook with it; many thanks Elizabeth.

17th January 2010: The winter edition of the Ferry-Hut News has appeared - in the middle of the most wintery winter we've had for years.
It is already on its way to the postal subscribers and I am now loading it to the site. Happy reading and here's looking forward to a good New Year for you all.

8th November 2009: Hawk-eyed browsers of the Guestbook will know that A Wind is Blowing is now published - and has indeed already arrived through the letter-boxes of those who pre-ordered the book. Girls Gone By have once more done the book proud and it includes the usual 'extras'.
In this book there is also a Personal Introduction from Sally Bourne - a touching and revealing testimony to the influence of the book many years on. See Fiona Birchall's email in the Guestbook. I shan't say more here.

I shall update the front page soon - it's way out of date - but the latest news from Girls Gone By is that Brian Parks' Biography can now be ordered - £15 postage paid from the publishers - in UK only - see them for overseas costs. It is due to be published in February - so here's to Spring !!.

28th October 2009: A belated (apologies) message from Sue and Joyce is in the Guestbook - as well as welcome news from GGBP.

8th September 2009: A Brief Summary of the planned visit next Saturday:
Rye Harbour 12th September - Itinerary:

Meet 10.00am Rye Harbour Car Park
11.00am Camber Castle
1.00am Lunch
2.00 until 4.00 Walk to the old lifeboat house
4.00pm onwards Rye Harbour Church
. . . . . .
Sadly, I shall not be able to join you, but I'm sure tht you'll all have a memorable and most enjoyable day !

26th July 2009: Have added some messages to the Guestbook including one with details of the Westling Gathering in September 2009. Look for the message from Joyce dated 24th July.

21st July 2009: Corrections to my drawings, in FHN 9, of the Old Vicarage have arrived from Ros Myers in a message now in the Guestbook. Thanks, Ros.

12th July 2009: Ferry Hut News number 9 published. Postal copies will head out tomorrow.

17th June 2009: Westling Vicarage for sale - see the email from Jill Goulder in the current Guestbook.
It contains a link to the Estate Agent's pages.
31st May 2009: Martello 4 due out soon - see the Guestbook.

17th May 2009: There's a new message in the Guestbook!
Julia sent this to me some time back and has resent it this week. The first message, and this one, were both treated as Spam by my server's filter and I missed the first message completely. This may well have happened before to other messages.
So please note: I always acknowledge messages that are received, with a reply to the sender so if you have sent one ond it hasn't appeared in the Guestbook - and you have had no acknowledgement - it has probably been missed when I have checked the hundreds of messages that are filtered as 'Spam' daily !!
Please send again, maybe sending two or three copies together - or if thoroughly frustrated with it all - drop me a line at the address on the latest Ferry Hut News. Telephone if you like - my number's in the book ! evening or weekends - but do keep messages coming - they've dribbled away to nothing, and they are an imortant part of the site. Thanks, John.
5th April 2009: M*E*A*S have announced their visit date to Westling/ Rye Harbour, see the Society page or go direct to the Announcement page for more detail.
I have had major computer problems - and am having the main machine rebuilt - so I'm hobbling along in an awkward way on a laptop, so apologies for the delays !
I have also loaded up an invitation from William Morris to join him and walk in the Punchbowl this year.

8th March 2009: The second birthday issue of Ferry Hut News has been posted out and is now available for free download from the left panel on the front page or from the Ferry Hut News page which - like most other odd pages, be found in the Index, above.
I write this as the snow blows around my house, spring isn't far away; surely ?
1 March 2009: Still reluctantly emerging from hibernation - I have started on Ferry Hut News 8 which should be 'out' soon (er..-ish) and have closed Guestbook 6, starting book 7 with an email from November. (Don't get many these days !)
I have made a Policy Decision (!) In this book I shall enter the latest message above the older ones - so that they display first.
When looking for new messages this will be an improvement. For browsing later it will probably be confusing.
I can change it back if you like - but not if there are dozens of messages - so let me know before there are more than a dozen or so !
Keep warm.

23 Feb 2009: The 'Society' link in the title area has been made direct to the M*E*A*S pages. The page on my site about the Society can be found via the Index.

22nd February 2009 M*E*A*S have come out of hibernation before I have and have set themselves up with an Official Bank Account. Of more exciting news is a hint at the proposed visit this year - more on the Society's page.
Here's hoping you have survived the worst of the winter - so far anyway . . . time for the next Ferry Hut News. Coming soon !

19th November 2008: As the leaves drift deep down the street pavement and I catch a chilly draught from the kitchen window, I realise Autumn has arrived. And so it is time for the next issue of Ferry-Hut News. It can be downloaded from the front page or from the 'paper's' page via the Index. Happy reading. Keep warm !

11th October 2008: Please note the date of the Mastemind programme featuring Monica Edwards' Romney Marsh books.
It is given on the front page and comes from Sue Winn's email in the Guestbook. Please note that the programme is on FRIDAY not Saturday as I originally indicated..

4th October 2008: The Hoodwinkers arrived this morning so I have rushed to add it to the site - a lovely book. GGBP really do them well.
Had a lovely week-end last week and toddled around the Punchbowl Farm area - I shall write more later about this - as well as the latest Autumn edition of Evergreen magazine which has an article on Monica. Meanwhile I have other pressing duties, or the aforesaid publishers will be after me with a meat-cleaver . . . !

12 Sept 2008: Not Smart ! Done it again - error in FHNews 6 - for Brian Smart on the front page - read, of course, Brian Parks. Apologies to all - especcially Brian !

29th August 2008: Sunny day up here this morning. I've added the latest 'Summer' edition of the Ferry-Hut News to the front page - those who receive them by post will already have received theirs.
17 August 2008: Further to the chaos I've had to move the site.
The site can now only be accessed by way of the site address as: www.monicaedwards.co.uk.
Links using any other address won't work - and there appears to be no way of leaving a redirect message on the old site.
I had to change telephone numbers because I'd moved some 8 miles - and that meant that BT terminated my internet account. So I had to sign up for a new one - this because I got free site storage with by internet subs. What they didn't say was that there would be not enough site storage area and I couldn't update the current sites. So I'm having to pay an annual fee of thirty or so pounds a year for each of the two sites to store them elsewhere ! This is getting expensive !!.
Enough moaning - I am taking time off work to get down to Surrey at the end of September - Back to the Punchbowl . . .see some of you there I hope.
Meanwhile I have added details of the new GGBP edition of No Going Back to the book's page, as well as refreshing the old scans of the other editions.

10 August 2008: I've moved house and am slowly getting back to normal. Lots of bits to put on the site - but these will have to wait - one thing won't though:
The Visit to the Punchbowl area in September ! See the Society's Special Announcement for further details.
I'll catch up with the rest of the news in due course.

22 June 2008: Here Comes Summer ! And a New Martello magazine arrives through the post from the M*E*A*S and with it news of a planned visit to The Punchbowl in September.
An anonymous reader from Australia noticed that she had a copy of Joan Goes Farming which I hadn't so she has filled the gap by sending me scan and description which I've delightedly added to the site; many thanks to you.
No Going Back will be out next week !
15 June 2008: Change of Address In the next few weeks I shall be moving. Not certain where yet - but will announce my new postal address for Ferry-Hut News as soon as it's valid - but I shall be busy, to say the least, for the next few weeks so there'll be even less activity on the site I'm afraid !!.

18 May 2008: Last June I was offered scans of an edition I didn't have on the site. This was the Quality Book Club edition of The Valley and the Farm. After seemingly endless problems the scans arrived in October and after a further interminable delay I have at last put them on the site. At the same time I have rescanned the other editions and loaded them - and now all that remains is some additional information to add about the magazine serialisations I mentioned in the last Ferry Hut News.
So, at last, nearly a year on I pass grateful thanks to Kate Hartland-Westwood and her partner, Nigel.

2th April 2008: Embarassed cough, er . . . I have now added the 'pdf' file of Ferry Hut News 5 to the site so that it can download. Sorry about that !. It will take a long time to download as it's about 6.5 Megabytes - takes 4 mins on my computer. With apologies, John.

27th April 2008: Warmer weather and some sunshine this week-end, and I saw a swallow. I declare Spring - so the latest Ferry Hut News is here ! Download from the site or send for a copy !

19th April 2008: Still waiting for Spring sunshine ! A message from MEAS arrived the other day and I've added it to the guestbook. Notice of a visit to The Punchbowl !

1st March 2008: which, in turn, led me to realise that I hadn't scanned the dustwrappers of the two Goodchild editions missing from Gordon King's page - so I have done that and added the covers to the pages of Wish For a Pony and Cargo of Horses this morning.
March already - Spring can't be far away, surely !
28th February 2008: Which reminded me that I hadn't added Three Great Pony Stories which came my way early last year. So I have added this to The Midnight Horse page, and tidied up some of the illustrations.

27th February 2008: I have at last obtained a copy of the annual Our Favourite Story Book published by Collins in the mid 1950s. It has one of the reprints of the short story Such a Pony Was Gipsy with lovely illustrations by Maurice Tulloch. I have added its picture to the short story's page.

9th February 2008: The days are at last getting lighter and the snow-drops are out. I haul myself out of hibernation and have updated the front page and the Girls Gone By page to celebrate their announcement of the next book !
Interesting additions to the Guestbook, too.

31st December 2007: The end of another year - and a suitable time for a new Ferry Hut News !
This issue will take a long time to download as although it is similar in size to the previous ones - it uses a lot of memory - hence the small size of the photographs - you'll just have to be patient !
Anyway - A Happy New Year to you all - it should be a good one.
30th November 2007: The first issue of The Martello will be coming out in the next few days - see the Guestbook.
(The next Ferry Hut News will follow . . . before Christmas all being well.)
21st October 2007: Following the excellent Society day in Rye Harbour last week-end I have adjusted the site's links to the M*E*A*S Site. I have inserted a special 'Society' link on title banner, above, which takes you to a page about the Society - and a link from that to the Society itself. Another route is via the 'Links' link, also above.

M*E*A*S News: 23rd September 2007: Some important changes have been made to the arrangements for the visit next month to Rye Harbour and surrounding area. These appear in the visit announcement. See you there !
There is also a special arrangement offered to Australian members to get around the exhorbitant cheque conversion charges explained on the Society page.
12th September 2007: Strangers to the Marsh will be out soon from Girls Gone By, and in a month's time I'll be heading down to the south coast to meet up with some of you in Westling - I shall probably be found in the Conqueror !
I'm really excited about the trip - I haven't been to Rye since 1995, and it's great to be in at the beginning of a New Venture !
I'm sure Tamzin's spirit will enthuse us. Hopefully see you there . . .
(for information about the meeting - see links to M*E*A*S on the front 'Welcome' page)

4th August 2007: Have launched a new Ferry-Hut News with the headline story - reflected on the current front page - of the launch of the Monica Edwards Appreciation Society.
I am temporarily giving their site a branch to rest on within this site - hence their email address, but it's not connected otherwise with the site - except by support for its ideas and aims.

3rd August 2007: Have opened a new Guestbook - Volume 6 - with the last couple of entries and a new one from Brian.
I'm expecting a flood - of the nicest kind !
A new edition of the Ferry-Hut News will appear this week-end: don't miss it !

16th July 2007: Girls Gone By have announced that the new edition of Strangers to the Marsh will be published this September or October - so the news has been added to the front page.

9th June 2007: I have added download points to the Ferry Hut News page on the site. This may be found via the Index. The links will remain for the moment on the greetings front page, but they disappear once a link is used from the top of page list.
8th May 2007: Latest ! the second issue of the renowned Ferry Hut News is available - with the printers as I write and available to be downloaded free now from the front page ! Act now !!.

6th May 2007 Missed out on the first batch of Geoffrey Whittam originals on Ebay (see Guestbook) but the second lot are up on the 12th - may have better luck then. That is, unless one of you bids more !!.

22 April 2007: The new edition of Operation Seabird is out ! I have updated and added to the book's page, including images of the elusive Chivers edition, as mentioned in the Ferry-Hut News. And a big thank-you to both Claire Lee and Margaret Lewington without whom this would not have been possible.
I've still heard nothing from Richard Wright, but have had more emails from others to whom he owes money and have had no response to repeated requests for refunds. These include some for larger sums sent for copies of back issues !

2nd March 2007: I've still had no reply from Richard Wright following my email alerting him to the removal of references to his 'Society' from my site and requesting the refund of my subscription.
He is apparently too busy to reply.
I was, therefore, surprised to find Richard and Judy's Books on ABE Books, dealing in second-hand children's books, run by Richard and his wife. I bring this to your attention not to give advertising to this business, but because I feel it is wise for friends to know with whom they deal.

15 Feb 2007 Launching the Ferry-Hut News, a Newsletter sort of thing for the Monica Edwards enthusiast. Free to download, or for the price of a first-class stamp by post ! for further essential information click here.

10 Feb 2007: I had a reply, last week, from Richard Wright concerning the 'From the Punchbowl' Society. In it he apologised for the lack of magazines and excused himself by his having no time to work on them. He stated that he intended the Society to continue, but gave no plans for the future.
I found his reply inadequate and his lack of concern for the monies outstanding surprising. He did not comment on the complaint of non-reply to requests for refunds.
Having considered the matter for the last week I have replied to him expressing my concerns and requesting a refund on my subscription. I have also informed him that references to the Society on the site are being removed to prevent misleading possible subscribers. I am very sad to report this, but I feel that readers should be aware of the reasons for the removal of links.

30 January 2007: Bookhunters see Guestbook !

27 January 2007: As a result of consistent queries about the From the Punchbowl Society I emailed Richard on Thursday (25th) asking for guidance on the situation regarding future publications and outstanding subscriptions.
Hopefully, I shall soon be able to pass information from him.

On a lighter note, Brian Parks and Joyce Bailey brought the Children's Film Foundation catalogue site to my attention. This has information on The Dawn Killer the story for which was provided by Monica Edwards.
I have added most of the information from this site to the Film's page. I have also taken the opportunity to tidy up my rather sloppy account of Monica Edwards' writing for the film on various pages.

14th January 2007: I have opened a new Guestbook, with a few emails that arrived over Christmas and since . . Happy New Year to everyone !
Girls Gone By have announced their next ME book - Operation Seabird - which will be published in March !
By the way - thanks to both Claire Lee and Margaret Lewington who came up trumps with the New Portway edition !
7th October 2006: My brand-new paperback copy of The Nightbird arrived today, hot off the presses of Girls Gone By publishers. Lovely. I've added details to the relevant pages.

7th October 2006: Had an email last night from Rachael Newshon giving me information on the dustwrapper of the six shilling edition of The Wanderer.
With the hardback books getting more expensive all the time, there is a monetary advantage in putting dustwrappers onto first editions as they gain in value tremendously. So all information which helps identify the 'correct' wrapper is gratefully received.
I've updated the book's page, and taken the opportunity to update the enlarged illustration pages as well.

29 July 2006: See the Guestbook for a link to the Surrey Advertiser and news of the Fire on Thursley Common, near Punchbowl Farm.

12th July 2006: Have added a couple of messages to the Guestbook. There are special programmes which wander the internet and seek out email addresses to send spam to. In order to foil these I have either not entered the email address of the sender of the email, or, as I now have to add the messages 'by hand' I have inserted a bit into the email address which has to be removed when sending. Simply delete the indicated symbols or letters from the email address when sending ! Hoping that this makes sense . . .

17 June 2006: An email from Brian Parks arrived a few days ago with the cover artwork for the completely new edition of his Romney Marsh Companion.
Thanks to Joyce's email for the Guestbook I checked the Girls Gone By site and as they are displayiong it, I've added it to the front page here and also to the book's page (look for 'Romney Matrsh Companion' in the index above ! This site's becoming more of a maze daily !). The illus on the latter page shows the full wrapper.
Thanks both to Joyce and to Brian.
10th June 2006: Margaret Gill emailed me to solve a mystery that's bothered me for a long time: the identity of the artist who painted the cover of the Fontana paperback edition of Cargo of Horses.
I've copied her email into the Guestbook, and I'm sure she's right. The unnamed artist is Shirley Hughes.
I have added a piece about Shirley Hughes into the Artists section and will adjust the entry for the book on its page. Thanks again, Margaret !

1st June 2006 The village of Thursley is right next to the Devil's Punchbowl and features in the Farm books initially as Highnoons. Elizabeth Williams has emailed me today to say that the village website has been launched at www.thursley.org . It has just started and Elizabeth has emailed them to suggest a link to this site. I shall add a proper link into the 'links' page when I get organised. Many thanks Elizabeth.

17th May 2006: Elizabeth Williams tipped me off on Sunday that Girls Gone By were listing Hidden in a Dream as in print.
Sure enough, on Tuesday, my copy arrived. I really am impressed by these editions. They've done a superb job on them, they seem to get better with each one I see. I've updated the 'Welcome' page, and added scans and details to the book's page.
2nd May 2006: I have changed the Guestbook, to avoid all the unwanted spam messages. Simply email your message and I'll add it myself.
This is not as easy as the old method, but these advertising messages were getting me down. Please do leave messages. Obviously there will occasionally be delays, but at least we'll not be subject to the same offensive rubbish !. Thanks.

17th April 2006: A friend found a copy of Girl's Choice in a Whitby Charity shop, with a cover new to me. So I borrowed it and have added it to Sure Magic's page, tidying it up a little and adding full dustwrapper scans to the other editions of Girl's Choice.
5th April 2006:Thanks to the tip-off from Susan Winn in the Guestbook, I've added the link to the new Rye Harbour.net website with its lovely selection of old photographs. The link is on the Links page.

11th February 2006: Scott Lloyd of 'Gildas Books' at Chester has emailed me with a description of the dustwrapper of the Children's Book Club edition of Frenchman's Secret. He uses the site to check which edition he has for sale. I wish more dealers did this - it would make buying safer and save a lot of problems !
I've added the description to the book's page.

26 Jan 2006: I've added a little to the 'Collecting' and 'In Print' pages to improve cover of the new editions.
22 Jan 2006 - later: I've just used the new link and found that Storm Ahead is now out of print! There will be copies with dealers, some of which are mentioned on the Girls Gone By site, but not that many left, and the price will rise !

22 January 2006: I've updated the links to the Girls Gone By site as they've moved its address. The email address remains the same at the moment. Thanks for the tip-off Brian !

20th January 2006: A German hardback edition of Killer Dog arrived today. It has the same illustrations as the paperback, but a different cover illustration, this time by the same artists who drew the text drawings. Scan and information added to the book page.

15th January 2006: I have obtained a Norwegian edition of Wish for a Pony and added scan and details to that page.
I have just discovered that the Spanish paperback edition of The Outsider I bought in 1993 hasn't had its details on the website, so I've uploaded that page. Two and a half years late ! Sorry about the delay. (Ooops)
Would you believe there's the German edition of The Wild One in the same situation ? Only three months or so behind with this. Ah well, it gives you something new to look at !

14th January 2006: I've updated the front page to reflect the latest news from Girls Gone By about the next issues, including Brian Parks' Romney Marsh Companion.

3rd December 2005: My ordered copy of No Entry arrived yesterday so I've added information to the front page and to the title's page. Another lovely edition, well done Girls Gone By !

5th November 2005: I've opened a new Guestbook file so dip your pens !
The others are available to browse through as before.
I've removed the link to Mary Crawford's site, with the lovely dustwrapper illustrations, from the 'Links' page as it doesn't work any longer. If anyone knows of a new address I'd love to reinstate it. I've also removed the note about Michael Rouse's late lamented 'Green Hedges' magazine as it's no longer relevant.
Happy Bonfire Night, John.
30 October 2005: Thanks to Matthew Hyde I've been able to add information on the elusive 2nd impression of The White Riders.
At the same time, I've added an extra reprint to the Puffin edition of this book. Incidentally, if anyone has sent information to me which I haven't yet added to the site, please remind me; I'm sure there's some lost somewhere !
Remember, the new edition of No Entry is due out next month (November).
31st July 2005: Just published ! I notice that there is a copy of the new paperback edition of Storm Ahead advertised on Ebay today. So it's published. My copy hasn't arrived yet but must be in the post.
I also notice that the Girls Gone By website advertises that the next book planned is to be No Entry, due before the end of the year. Again, full original text etc.

11 May 2005: I have borrowed Belinda Collins' copy of the New Portway edition of Strangers to the Marsh. This is one of three of her books republished by Chivers for Library use in the 1970s and not that common to find. This one is the full text, identical to the first edition. It has been rebound I think so might have lost its fep maps if they were there originally. The cover illustration is on the book's page with further detail, and I have a note it to the 'Abridged Results' page.

2 May 2005: Am slowly settling in to a tiny cottage in the grounds of a house in a hill-top village in the Yorkshire Dales. There's no way I can get all my accumulated books and papers in here, so I'm in the midst of an on-going process of shedding valued rubbish ! Hence the interruption to new entries to the site. I apologise for this, but shrug my shoulders at it . . can't be helped !
Today I've added a couple of illustrations of editions of Wish For A Pony including some notes on the Collins Laurel and Gold edition, which I particularly like. I must hunt for copies of this and of this edition of The Summer of the Great Secret with dustwrappers. There, and I am trying to get rid of books . . . Enjoy Spring.

11 Feb: Sorry ! I've corrected the link to Girls Gone By publishers on their page and the 'Links' page. Hadn't tested it. OOops.

Sunday March 6th 2005: At last I have a telephone line ! Several updates loaded - see front page !

8th January 2005:
Great News Monica Edwards books to be republished !
Girls Gone By publishers have signed contracts with the Edwards family for the republication of all of Monica Edwards' work.
This is really great news. At last the rarer titles will be available without breaking the bank. Those of you who have seen the lovely paperbacks that they produce will, I am sure, be delighted.
Not only are they to be reissued, but in the original text and with (I'm sure) the original illustrations. They are costed at about ten pounds each. The rarer titles will probably be republished first, and the first one (this year?) will be Storm Ahead so don't snap up that old Puffin for seventy pounds !!
This is still breaking news, and I'm so frustrated to be without a telephone line now for a few weeks !
Visit the publishers website at www.rockterrace.demon.co.uk/GGBP for information as it is released, and to order the book(s)
And meanwhile a Happy New Year to you all.

24th October 2004 I have at last set up a new volume of the Guestbook, long overdue, so less scrolling down . . that is unless you want to know the answer to Brian's tantalising puzzle. It's at the end of Volume 2 !! (I only realised the solution at 4am yesterday morning.)
9th October 2004 I've at last obtained a copy of Hidden in a Dream in the Goodchild edition, which confirms what Brian Parks told me a while back. I was wrong to think that Sheila Ratcliffe's illustrations for that edition hadn't been used.
Sincere apologies for the error. I have corrected the entries for the book and the artist, and added one of her pictures to the book page.
Sept 2004 Look at The Punchbowl Companion to see a marvellous new book Brian Parks has produced on the Punchbowl Farm books.
It's big and full of lovely pictures and facts.
Apologies for the short note, but my life's a bit chaotic at the moment, but do look at the advertisement. It's a lovely book.
28 July 2004 I've slightly tinkered with the 'In Print' page, removing some titles no longer available and removing the 'lost connection' note regarding the Goodchild Bookshop site. The connection is reinstated.
I've also put a connection from that page to the 'Abridged Results' page.

6th July 2004 A welcome email from Bettina (whose surname I don't know) has provided all the information I need to complete the entry on the 'six shilling' edition of Spirit of Punchbowl Farm.
This edition was on Monica Edwards' list but none of the family knew if it had been produced or just planned. Thanks to Bettina we now know !

30 June 2004 A surprise email from Leonard Goldstein in America appeared today, with information about the American edition of Dolphin Summer. His daughters have the 1979 edition, by Hawthorn (not 'Haworth' as I'd put on the site !). He added a scan of the dustwrapper, which is similar to the CBC edition, but slightly more modern in 'dress'. I have duly updates the entry. Many thanks Leonard.
20 June 2004 Help !! Please Could anyone help with information about the copyright holders/family of the artists who illustrated Monica's work, especially Geoffrey Whittam ? I would be very grateful for any information, however small, which might help track down the copyright holders. Please email me with any information.
Meanwhile, sorry that I haven't been adding to the site recently, but hopefully I shall get back into the swing of things soon and continue the updates.
25 April 2004: Thanks to a message from Adrian Watcham I've been able to readdress the link to the Goodchild Website on the Links page.

25th January 2004: I have at last added some information on some reprints sent to me, some time back, by Matthew Hyde. It will help identify the dustwrappers on reprints of Black Hunting Whip, Punchbowl Harvest and Punchbowl Midnight with a puzzle on the last.
Thanks Matthew I am always grateful for information to complete the entries.

28 Sept 2003: I have added some photographs to the Biography section and moved the lovely photograph formerly on the Welcome page to that section. Its place on the front page has been taken by a photograph she took herself on holiday in Abersoch when she was eighteen years old.

2 Aug 2003: I have started the long-planned section on Artists. This will develop as time goes on, and I hope that it might add some further interest to the site.
It can be reached from the link in the top section of the site. A list of artists associated with Monica Edwards work will open in the left-hand frame. In some cases a link from the name will open up more information in the right hand panel. As with other areas of the site, new information and illustrations will be added from time to time.
In order not to cramp the top section, I have renamed 'Publications' as 'Titles'. The only benefit being the shorter word.
20 July 2003: At last I am able to rejoin the site, if a little tentatively at first. Sorry about the gap; virus problems.
I have lost a fair amount of information that I was gathering; mainly from emails not printed out. If you have emailed me with a titbit of information and it hasn't yet been added to the site, I apologise and ask that you drop me another line with a repeat of the information.
Meanwhile I have added details of Hst-smugglarna, the Swedish edition of Cargo of Horses I recently obtained from Germany following another of Brian's tips !

1st June 2003: I recently obtained a copy of the Collins Bumper Story Book. This is one of the Collins compilation annual format books made up largely from pieces which have appeared earlier in the more expensive Collins Annuals. This one contains a reprint of the article, fascinating to Punchbowl Farm addicts, Morning at Highnoons Farm. I have duly added its picture to that page.

13th May 2003: Following another hot tip from Brian, I have managed to import a copy of a German anthology of cat stories/articles which contains a twelve page piece by Monica Edwards entitled Cheetah. It is from the Mller edition of Cats of Punchbowl Farm.

3rd May 2003: Added information about and scan of the german edition of A Wind is Blowing recently obtained from Germany following a 'tip-off' from Brian.

21st April 2003: Added information on another impression of Frenchman's Secret thanks to Brian, and some details of abridged, and not abridged, Armadas to the Abridged - Results page.

19th April 2003: Some of the Children's Book Club editions have really attractive dustwrappers. I've been looking for certain ones for a while, and have lately found a lovely copy of Cargo of Horses. I say lovely; it's probably only classed as VG, but when you think that it's more than fifty years old ! . . .
I have just added a picture of the dustwrapper to the page.

13th April 2003: HELP! Abridged ? Following an email from Elizabeth Williams, I'm going to have to look at the Goodchild editions as well, so I've opened up the page and am asking for dedicated volunteers ! Those pages renamed and linked as Abridged ?.

9th April 2003: HELP! Abridged Armadas ? I thought they all were, and I might well be wrong. I need to check this out, see page Arbridged Armadas for more information.

1 April 2003: Delighted to acquire a paperback of Rennie Goes Riding with a different cover to those I've found before. It is the 1973 impression. Unfortunately the artist isn't credited. I have put a scan of the cover on the book's page.
17 Mar 2003: Started on a long period of 'tidying up' the site. This involves the provision of more large versions of illustrations and adjustments to the design of each page to improve its appearance.
It's going to take a long time, and there will be little to show for it, but it has to be done.
Over the next weeks, and even months, small changes will become apparent. I have started with The Summer of the Great Secret for those curious about the differences. These 'tidying' changes won't be recorded here as they will not add greatly to the information available on the site.
Brian Parks has emailed me to tell me that he has a copy of the above book with the colour frontispiece, but pre 1958. I'd only found it in dated editions after 1958 previous to this. His copy is inscribed 'August 1957'. I have altered the information about the frontispiece on the relevant page. Thanks Brian !
2 Feb 2003: Added details of a recently acquired german edition of Under the Rose, including cover picture.

28th Dec 2002 Added information and an illustration from Sue Curnow, of her american edition of The Midnight Horse. Thanks, Sue.

22nd Dec 2002: Added a photograph of Monica Edwards to the 'Welcome' page. The photograph was taken by, and is the copyright of, Sean Edwards and is shown with his kind permission.
2nd Nov 2002: Following the message from Fiona Birchall pointing out the length of time that it takes to scroll down the Guestbook, I've closed 'Volume 1' and opened a new volume. Both can be browsed from the Guestbook page.
2nd Nov 2002: Added illustration of the cover and details of the Evergreen Library edition of 'Hidden in a Dream'.

21 Oct 2002: loaded Netscape Navigator onto my computor and realised that the site's fonts were not being presented as I intended. I am now working through the hundreds of pages on this and the other site to correct the display. Apologies to those who use Netscape for this oversight.

5/9/02: Added information about a second impression of 'The Wanderer'.
25/8/02: Set the display font to 'Times New Roman' for all pages in the site. This should eradicate some problems with the display
19/08/02: Added a link to my new site about the author Malcolm Saville.
It is nowhere near completion, but then, these things never are . .
4/8/02: Made two alterations to the Links page: Noted that the Rye Harbour site appears to have vanished.
Also that the litle magazine Green Hedges has ceased as a result of Michael's illness.
29/7/02: following an email from Rosemary Hall, I was prompted to get hold of a copy of Margery Fisher's book: Intent Upon Reading. I have now expanded the 'Sources' page.
I also have extended the entries for three of the short stories 'The Great Horse', 'The Horse That Came From The Sea' and 'A Sort of Miracle'.

14/7/02: added what information I have on an article published in 1954, titled 'In Lasting Loveliness'.
19/6/02: added drawing of Camber Castle from the air to the Places section.

15/6/02: Added picture of the first edition dustwrapper of 'Rennie Goes Riding' to that page, sent to me by Julia Monteghi.
15/5/02: Registered the 'domain name' www.monicaedwards.co.uk which will be a simple way of accessing the site. This was partly because I thought that I may have to move the site soon. I don't think that will be necessary now, but it's a good idea to 'bookmark' the site again, with its 'new' address.
15/5/02: Added illustration of 'The Splendid Story Book for Girls' to the entry for 'The Telegram' short story.
17/4/02: Altered the Malcolm Saville Society site link to the new address for its new site.

Since the site opened at the beginning of the year, I have made several corrections to errors, added information, expanded notes on books etc. This will continue from time to time as the mood affects me and as information turns up. There are many unfinished entries . . .
It struck me that it would be helpful to indicate areas of the site where there is new information. Hence this page.

Firstly I was able to add two photographs of Punchbowl Farm, one taken by Monica Edwards, to the 'Places' section.

Thanks to Sue Curnow, I have been able to add a picture of the first edition wrapper of The Nightbird to the site, thanks Sue !

Jill Goulder contacted me and referred to her articles in 'Folly' Magazine. Having, with the help of Belinda Copson, obtained back copies it stirred me to add a page giving some of the references to Monica Edwards in other books, magazines etc.
This, for want of a better name, is the 'Sources' page which you can find via the Publications - Introduction section.
At the same time I expanded the 'Links' page to separate some book related sites from those specifically to connect with Monica Edwards.

At the bottom of the Collecting page I've linked to a list of foreign editions.
Details of two of these: Ferien voller Abenteuer and Der Reier I've added to the relevant book pages.

5th April 2002
I have recently obtained a copy of Caesar's Fire, a short story published in a Collins Children's Annual and have been able to expand this entry.

I've added a picture of another of the Collins Annuals which has her story Bird in the Hand.

And I have now created this page for ease of finding new material.

I would like to thank all of you who've taken the trouble to email me or to sign the 'Guestbook'. I have wondered about replying to those who sign in, I have replied by email to many who have, but that isn't obvious from the book. Maybe I should add a reply in the book, what think you ?
Whatever, please know that I look at it almost every day, and take all points on board.

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