First Published 1965 by Collins

First edition.  Click to enlarge
Collins 1965 First Edition
illustrated by Geoffrey Whittam

Rissa and Roger visit Punchbowl Farm. Friendships are forming between Roger and Lindsey and Rissa and Dion.

First edition: dark green boards with silver blocking; plain front board; 135x200mm; 190pp; title page vignette and 13 line illustrations (3 full page) and 4 chapter end illustrations; map by Charles Green (version 2 with pipeline) not as endpapers.
Dustwrapper full colour picture of boy and girl riders riding horses through a blazing field; rear advertises Dolphin Summer; cover price 12s 6d.

Other Editions:

The Children's Book Club c1966:
blue boards, black lettering, title and author only, on spine; 125x190mm; 190pp; no edition date; map as first edition; original illustrations; new dustwrapper by Kenneth Brookes.
The Children's Book Club edition. Click to enlarge
Children's Book Club wrapper

The Armada paperback cover. Click to enlarge
Armada cover
Armada 1967:
Illustrated by Geoffrey Whittam; map (version 2) by Charles Green; cover illustration not credited, but by Mary Gernat*; 158pp; all line illustrations and three of the chapter end illustrations from the original are included; Armada number C176; cover price 2/6.
Reprinted 1969/70

Collins Evergreen Library 1969:
Green boards, gilt lettering along spine; map and illustrations as the first edition ; 192pp.
ISBN 00-183132-1
Dustwrapper by Eileen Walton is dramatic picture of horses being rescued from fire; cover price 75p.
The Collins Evergreen dustwrapper. Click to enlarge
Evergreen Library wrapper

Girls Gone By Publishers September 2010:
front cover cover. Click to enlarge
Girls Gone By edition
Another in the series of quality paperbacks from Girls Gone By publishers, reissuing the book in its original text and with all the original illustrations.

As with many of the publisher's reprints, the opportunity has been taken to add useful and interesting extras to each edition.
The story is preceded by a new preface by Shelley Edwards providing a unique personal reflection on the days on Punch Bowl Farm at the time the book was written.

The Real Devil's Punch Bowl is described in an article by by Brian Parks with the assistance of old postcard views.

Joy Wotton's articles on the author and the book are included, as is my short Publishing History.

There are 211 numbered pages. ISBN 978-1-84745-097-5
The book is currently (September 2010) available from the publishers (see Links) for £12 inclusive of postage.

* (The original draft artwork was discovered recently. See the Mary Gernat page. June 2015)

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