Foreign Editions

Monica Edwards books were often reprinted in foreign editions. From her lists we know at least some of the titles, publishers and dates. It is possible that some of the editions listed do not exist but were noted at the time of the publisher' intention.
Where the foreign title is not known, the book is not listed here, but is mentioned in the notes for the original edition.
Like all this site, the information is only as good as we know at the moment !

The list gives the title of the foreign edition followed by date of publication then by its original English title.
For further information, though not much yet, on each book, follow the link.

Alle mein katzen 1967 hbk The Cats of Punchbowl Farm
Bruce und der Wildhengst 1973 hbk Under the Rose
De vita ryttarna 1959 hbk The White Riders
Der alte Jim und seine Jungens 1956 hbk with d/w Storm Ahead
Der Reißer 1962 hbk with d/w Killer Dog
Der Reißer 1965 pbk Killer Dog
Ein Pumababy für Pat 1973 hbk with d/w The Wild One
el desplazado 1962 The Outsider
Ferien voller Abenteuer 1974 hbk Hidden in a Dream
Fin start, Bibi ! 1969 hbk Rennie Goes Riding
Häst-smugglarna 1972 hbk Cargo of Horses
Hestesmuglerne (1975) hbk Cargo of Horses
King blir misstänkt 1961 hbk with d/w Killer Dog
Monica klarar alla hinder 1971 Wish For A Pony
Monica Klarer Alle Hindre 1974/5 Wish For A Pony
Solange der Wind weht 1973 hbk A Wind is Blowing
Uhkarohkea yritys 1985 Rennie Goes Riding

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