First Published 1952 by Collins

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Collins 1952
First Edition
illustrated by Geoffrey Whittam

A disturbing time in Westling as Meryon appears unwell, and Tamzin faces the prospect of an August in the City.
However, the appearance of a mysterious pony and cart and one of Tamzin's ideas, this time about the Martello Tower, changes the situation immediately and it's 'all hands on deck' again.

First edition: Blue boards with gilt lettering of title and author in capitals on the spine; 135x200mm; map endpapers; 256pp; title page vignette, endpiece and 16 b/w illustrations.
The rear of the half-title lists eight of the author's books, down to Punchbowl Midnight; the title page bears the date 1952 below the publisher's address.
The dustwrapper picture is of Meryon lying on the breakwater, the spine vignette shows him stumbling.
Its rear gives four other books by the author: Punchbowl Midnight, Cargo of Horses, Black Hunting Whip and The White Riders. Each is followed by a press commendation. The rear flap has a subscription form for Collins Magazine.


Collins 'six shilling edition' 1955:
Red boards, black blocking; 190x130mm; map endpapers; 256pp; title page vignette, 16 illustrations and tailpiece, all in black and white. rear of the half-title lists 13 other books, ending with Punchbowl Harvest.
The title page has no date, its rear states:

Dustwrapper artwork as first; rear advertises four Punchbowl Farm stories; the rear flap four Romney Marsh books; cover price 6s net

Other Editions:

The Children's Book Club 1953:
Hardback edition with all the original illustrations. The unsigned dustwrapper illustration is possibly by Geoffrey Whittam, but not as first; similar in style to the CBC edition of Punchbowl Midnight.
It is a coloured combination of the title page vignette and the illustration of the figure on page 12. The spine illustration is a variation of the illustration on page 73.
The book is smaller than the first edition. It is bound in a dark red/maroon cloth with only the title and author on the upper spine in black.
There are no maps, the endpapers are blank. The back of the title pages states simply:
The back of the dustwrapper is an advertisement for Foyles Book Clubs - all books available 'for 3/6 each'.
CBC edition. Click to enlarge
The unique Book Club wrapper

Evergreen Library edition. Click to enlarge
The Evergreen Library wrapper
illus by Eileen Walton
Collins Evergreen Library 1966:
Hardback edition with dustwrapper; green boards with gilt blocking; map and illustrations by Geoffrey Whittam but without title page vignette; dustwrapper picture by Eileen Walton; 256pp; cp 10s 6d.

Reprinted 1969: Dustwrapper is dual priced 60p net and 12s net.

Engelbert (peb Bücherei) 1974:
Hardback edition; as Ferien voller Abenteuer.
140x210 mm; pictorial boards by Christel Friede-Tatje, the front showing Tamzin, Rissa and Meryon with the Martello Tower in the background; 156pp; no map, no illustrations; last page has description of Bruce un der Wildhengst (Under the Rose). ISBN 3-536-01139-X

The German hardback edition. Click to enlarge (File size=33KB)
The attractive cover of the
Engelbert edition

Braille edition New Zealand 1976: this appears in the author's notebook.
Joy Wotton has (Sept 2009) found it listed in the current library catalogues of the RNZFB which confirms the entry.
The entry confirms its existance but does not record date nor details.

Goodchild edition wrapper. Click to enlarge
Goodchild edition dustwrapper
Goodchild 1986:
Hardback edition revised by the author; 261pp; no map; with 21 new pen illustrations by Sheila Ratcliffe; ISBN 0-86391-073-4; Dustwrapper by Gordon King.
This edition still listed as available from Amazon.co.uk.
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Rissa follows Tamzin up the Martello Tower steps
by Sheila Ratcliffe
from the Goodchild edition

Girls Gone By 2006:
Published May 2006.
A new paperback impression with the full text and Geoffrey Whittam illustrations of the original book; 19x13mm (7.5x5 inches); 304pp.
As with their earlier issues the publishers have used full colour for the cover, reproducing the front of the first edition wrapper; the rear is plain with the first edition spine illustration reproduced on the left of the publisher's 'blurb' from the first edition.
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Girls Gone By paperback
A completely new preface by Shelley, Monica's daughter, introduces the book, eleven pages of memories and photographs unique to this edition.
An introduction to the author,the places and the books of Monica Edwards follows, as does a brief publication history and then the second title-page appears before the story really begins.

Geoffrey Whittam's map of the Westling area is included as well as all his illustrations from the first edition.

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rear cover
Another full value book from Girls Gone By. These ought to be in the High Street shops ! Hot Cakes will have nothing on this one . . .
ISBN 1-904417-87-6; published at £9.99. (Now out of print)

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