Heroines on Horseback

The Pony Book in Children's Fiction

by Jane Badger

Published 2013 by Girls Gone By Publishers

First Edition 2013. Click to enlarge
First Edition
Girls Gone By 2013
Large (6¾ x 9¾ inches) format paperback; 200pp; illustrated throughout with b/w illustrations of the covers and text illustrations from within the books.
ISBN 978-1-8475-154-5; published at £16 from the publishers within UK (see GGBP via Links for current prices and availability)

The definitive guide, I should think, to this maligned genre of children's fiction.
Jane, an authority on the subject through her collecting and dealing, describes the books which stand out from the rest. Those which deserve a better image, and introduces their authors and works to those who have not read them as well as those to whom they are already favourites.
I know next to nothing about the sublject but I like this book.

Chapter 5 is dedicated to Monica Edwards, although she appears here and there throughout the book. Many of the illustrators who decorated her books worked on books by other authors, so it is lovely to see examples of their work new to me.

I'm not qualified to judge the book as I'm ignorant of virtually all of the genre, but it certainly looks like it's a must for those who love those books, and a packet of fascinating browsing for those who aren't addicted.

More details can be found on the Girls Gone By site - via the links page.

N.B. Dec. 2016: This book is now 'out of print' at the publishers. It may, however, still be available new for some time from dealers.

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