First Published 1953 by Collins

illustrated by Sheila Rose
Sheila Rose illustration. Click to enlarge (File size=47KB)
Illustration by Sheila Rose
A short story, set on the coast of Ireland.

Bridget is the only child of a poor farming family. She escapes to walk the shore when she should be in bed and sees a white horse come out of the sea.
It grazes their land, then returns to the sea. Is it a fairy horse ? From the island off-shore ?

It isn't, and the sensitive story is one of the author's best. It catches the Irish without parody, and deals with superstition without ridicule.

And it has a happy ending !

First edition: in `By Special Request' an anthology of nineteen pieces by different authors, selected by Noel Streatfeild; illustrators: Sheila Rose, Richard Kennedy, Mary Gernat, Shirley Hughes and Milein Cosman; Introduction and postscript by Noel Streatfeild; pp246-255.


Second Impression March 1954
Third Impression November 1955
Fourth impression September 1958: blue boards; decorated front and spine in gilt; decorative endpapers; 256pp; dustwrapper not seen.

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