First Published 1954 by Bodley Head

One of two books written by Monica Edwards for a series of about thirty 'Career' novels for girls, written by a variety of authors.

First edition: 1954
orange boards, black blocking; 190 x 125 mm; no illustrations; 189 pp. A Bodley Head Career Book for Girls.

1st edition cover.
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First Edition dustwrapper
stuck to front board of the book.
The blurb on the half title page reads:
Perhaps it was because she had always lived in the heart of London that Joan felt the pull of the open air, and longed for the smell of the soil and the sounds of the country. When her family suggested farming as a career, Joan jumped at the idea.

Soon after, Joan left for a year as a trainee on a Surrey farm, living in the farmhouse, doing her share (and more) of the work in the daily farm routine, and soon learning some of the trials and anxieties of the life, as well as the pleasures. But the farmer's wife took advantage of Joan's good nature and willingness and she was glad to leave at last for a course of training at a Farm Institute. Here Joan specialized in dairy work, and learnt much of the theoretical and practical side of this branch of farming. She also became firm friends with Quentin, whose father was a farmer with a large dairy herd, and she spent much of her off-duty time with him.

At last she applied for a job as herdswoman on a farm where there was a vacancy, and to her joy she was accepted.

1955 (twice)
Bodley Head 'New Edition' 1961: green boards, black blocking; 125x190mm; no illustrations; 189pp.
Dustwrapper by Cynthia Abbott; labelled New Edition on front flap; cover price 8s 6d.
1961 edition dustwrapper.
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Bodley Head 1961 reprint
dustwrapper by Cynthia Abbott

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