The Monica Edwards Appreciation Society


The society formed by and for Monica Edwards' readers. Started in the summer of 2007 by the combined efforts of readers determined to share their enthusiasm with others.

The Martello will be the magazine, but that is only intended as a part of the Society - its activities began with a gathering in Westling - er - Rye Harbour, on Saturday 13th October 2007.

A small (but terribly select) group met and talked and walked and talked and were shown over the excavated Camber Castle and into the Church where Monica's father preached.
We then talked and ate cake - while above our heads was the dormitory for wrecked sailors. Later we walked, still talking, out onto the foreshore and along the shingle to the old abandoned Lifeboat House. And back - still talking as the sun set.
It was a lovely day - we saw the vicarage and in our minds' ears heard the gravel fly as Rissa tore into the drive; we stood outside the William the Conqueror, we searched for the site of Old Jim's hut . . .
All in all - quite extra-ordinary.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the residents for making us so welcome. Thank you, Rye Harbourers !

At the end of September 2008 a veritable crowd gathered in Thursley - Highnoons village of the farm series. We - organised by Joyce and Sue - and led by Brian Parks - tramped around by Punchbowl Farm exploring the area of the books.
There's a brief report in Ferry-Hut News number 7.
The best day out in the summer - and also for the weather. A lovely day.

Next a visit to Rye Harbour again in September '09.
Packed out with members - unfortunately I missed it, but a great time was had by all.

Do support the Society with ideas, offers of help, articles etc etc. The skeleton is formed and Joyce and Sue are at the helm - but where we go depends on the membership !

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