First Published (1950)* by Collins

Collins Children's Annual 1950. (Click to enlarge)
Collins Childrens' Annual 1950
cover by Gilbert Dunlop
illustrated by Dorothea Warren Newton

An article about a day in the author's life on the farm.

It is illustrated by Monica Edwards' sister.

First edition: It can be found in the Collins Children's Annual, illustrated opposite, pp 101-112 with 5 b/w illustrations by the author's sister.
[* my copy is inscribed 'Xmas 1950' hence the dating above, bearing in mind that the Edwards had moved to the farm in 1947 and the first book to use the farm setting was published in 1950]

Reprinted in The Collins Bumper Story Book
This is an undated quarto hardback with dustwrapper which repeats the printed cover.
There are stories by Kathleen Fidler, Jane Shaw and Violet Needham among others, the last of these being a reprint of the same story in the annual above.

The article appears identical to the first printing, with all the illustrations, though on cheaper paper.

Annual cover. Click to enlarge (File size=34KB)
Bumper Story Book boards
artist unknown

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