Edward Mortelmans


One of the first of Monica Edwards' books to be published in paperback was Black Hunting Whip, issued as a Scottie in 1956.
Edward Mortelmans painted the cover; a colourful depiction of Lindsey and Dion on horseback.
Mortelmans cover. Click to enlarge
Scottie paperback edition

The internal illustrations of the book were by Geoffrey Whittam, and these were retained for the Scottie edition.
Mortelmans wrapper. Click to enlarge
wrapper by Mortelmans
I have a copy of Gerald Durrel's entertaining book Catch Me A Colobus (Collins 1972) which has a dustwrapper by Edward Mortelmans, and in this book he has provided many lively line drawings in the text.
Mortelmans' leopards. Click to enlarge
Illustration of leopards from Catch Me a Colobus

One website I have recently (July 2003) come across has paintings of his on display and for sale. This site is Art and Parcel. Select the link to visit it.

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