First Published 1960 by Collins

First edition. Click to enlarge)
Collins 1960 First edition
illustrated by Geoffrey Whittam

Old Jim and Hookey are up to something. Nothing new in that, but together ? When these two join forces there's a mystery in the air. A bigger mystery is how they expect to keep it secret from Tamzin, whose determination to discover the secret and to reform the old rogues causes much mayhem around Westling.

A book which deals with the emotional changes in the young Tamzin as she feels her liking for Meryon being returned in a more serious way. Not wanting things to change within the four friends, she is uncertain how to deal with it.

First edition:
135x200mm; red boards, silver blocking; 192pp; no map endpapers; title page vignette and 14 line illustrations.
Dustwrapper rear advertises Killer Dog; cover price 10s 6d

Other Editions:

Collins Evergreen Library 1965:
Hardback, green boards, gold lettering along spine; 135x200mm; 192pp; no map; no title page vignette; illustrations as original.
Dustwrapper by Eileen Walton, picture of girl on horse with hearse in background; the back has a six line description of the Evergreen series and lists eight books by different authors; cover price 9s 6d.

Reprinted in 1968: essentially identical to the earlier impression; the dustwrapper back, however, now has a three line quote about the Evergreen Library from The Teacher and now lists 26 titles; cover price not known (my copy price-clipped).

Collins Evergreen Library edition
Evergreen Library dustwrapper
paperback cover. Click to enlarge
Girls Gone By edition
Girls Gone By Publishers 2008:
A new paperback edition, with all the original text and illustrations.
The book has 51 pages of added material including a preface by Shelley Edwards, illustrated by family photographs, which is unique to this edition.
There are two articles by Joy Wotton on the author and an introduction to the book, and a short Publishing History for the book by myself.
Full colour cover from the original artwork by Geoffrey Whittam. The spine picture is displayed on the back of the paperback. 230 pages, all illustrations and map from the first edition; ISBN 978-1-84745-041-8
The book was available from the publishers for £12. inclusive of postage. (Now out of print)

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