First Published 1947 by Collins

illustrated by Anne Bullen

First edition wrapper
Collins First edition 1947
'Which of the brown carthorse mares was really Corker, is the mystery that runs through this story of a caravan journey to the sea. Lindsey keeps the log of of the family's wandering, and it is good to read because it is about such real people. They think and say and do all the mad and surprising things that people say and do when they are on holiday and when they are happy.
Everyone who has spent long days in the country will enjoy this book because although, like all good holidays theirs is full of unplanned excitements, Lindsey does not forget to record the more ordinary things like eating picnic meals, running across wet early morning meadows, and sleeping under the stars.'
[Above quotation from the dustwrapper's front flap.]

This, The author's second book, introduces the Thornton family and is unusual in that it is written as by one of the main characters, Lindsey. This is, in effect, the first book in the Punchbowl Farm seies. However it predates the family's move there.

First edition:
Hardback with dustwrapper; pale green boards, red blocking; figure of horse's head on front board; 133x198mm; 192pp; frontispiece of girl on caravan bunk; 19 other b/w line illustrations, all but three used as full page.

Dustwrapper: painting of 'head and shoulders' of horse, wrapping to include the spine; illustrator credited on spine; rear lists Wish for a Pony with books by Joanna Cannan and the two Pullein-Thompsons under the heading PONY BOOKS; the rear flap has a list of NOVELS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS listing ten books by five other authors; front flap carries the above quoted publisher's 'blurb' and the cover price of 8s 6d. net.


Collins 1948:
Binding identical to first edition; rear of title page states:

The dustwrapper has the same artwork as the first. The back and rear flap printing may differ and the cover price may be the same as the first edition.

Other Editions:

Collins 'Six shilling edition 1956'
This is listed in Monica Edwards' notes.
It is a slim hardback, bound in red cloth, smaller than the first and second impressions, being only 128x190mm overall. The blocking is the same, non serif capitals, of title author and publisher in black on the spine but the front board is plain, no vignette on this edition.
The same artwork was used for the front of the book at least, but I have no detail of the rest of other dustwrapper design.
Internally it is virtually the same as the originals, the only difference being the statement, again on the back of the title page:

The use of 'Edition' here is significant.

Collins Seagull Library 1962:
blue boards with seagull motif in silver; 190pp; no list of illustrations; no frontispiece; 17 line illustrations, last two of the originals not included.

Dustwrapper: Full colour painting of man with horse, two children and caravan in background; spine red with small oval picture of horse-drawn caravan.

Photo of Seagull Library edn d/w. Click to enlarge (File size=27KB)
Collins Seagull Library 1962

Armada cover. Click to enlarge
Armada 1965
Armada 1965:
159pp; frontispiece and 14 of original b/w illustrations; cover by Mary Gernat; cover price 2/6; Armada number C119.

Collins 1966:
Reissued in The Vanguard Book of Ponies and Riding with two other novels by other authors.
All the original illustrations are included.
. Click to enlarge
reprint dustwrapper
by Eileen Walton
Collins 1972

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