by Brian Parks

First Published 2004 by Brian Parks

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The First Book
This beautiful book is the result of years of affection for the books of Monica Edwards.
Brian's favourites are the stories set in the Punchbowl and he has indexed the ten novels, and puzzled out the histories of the characters, the time-lines and the places in the books. The result is a beautiful product, a wealth of pictures, in colour and in black and white, from the books themselves and from old postcards and other sources. There are photographs of the locality and special treats, like the kneelers which Monica embroidered for Guildford Cathedral.
The book is printed on A4 paper, in landscape format and comb-bound. There are 209 pages, virtually all with at least one illustration; all the books have their first edition wrappers illustrated in colour; the index is exhaustive; every character, place and animal mentioned has its page references listed.
Brian has printed and is publishing it himself, and I don't know how many copies might be left !

I'm delighted to say that he has now published the companion volume for the Marsh stories.

Other editions:
Girls Gone By 2012:
New revised and enlarged edition from the publishers of the new paperback editions of Monica Edwards' books.
175x245mm; 211 pages; all known editions of the farm books illustrated; many photographs previously unseen, including some by Monica Edwards, all in black and white; cover b/w photos by Monica Edwards, colour photographs by her son, Sean with added artwork originally by Geoffrey Whittam; ISBN: 978-1-84745-130-9
The book is 'Band B'; published at £16 including postage within the UK - if paying by cheque (see publishers for details).
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Revised and enlarged
edition from
Girls Gone By 2012

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