First Published c1950 in Woman's Journal

Illustrated with photographs

An article about the purchase of the farm and the early days there, foreshadowing the 1954 publication of The Unsought Farm.

First edition:
Published in two parts in the monthly magazine Woman's Journal

Other editions

The first episode was reprinted, with the original photographs, in Issue number 4 of From the Punchbowl Spring 2005 edition. The second episode was to appear in the following issue, but as that never appeared, neither did the second episode of the article.

March 2010 in Monica Edwards - the Authorised Biography by Brian Smart published by Girls Gone By
The text of the complete article is reproduced between pages 143-154. Whereas in the above reprint the original photographs were used, here they are missing or separated from their original positions.

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Illustrations copyright the respective Publishers
Text copyright John Allsup
Created Feb 2010