If the lettering size is too large, the title pushes the keywords out of the frame. This might happen if your text size is set to 'Larger' or 'Largest' in Internet Explorer.
To correct this, open 'View' on the top of the screen, select 'Text Size', and then 'Medium' or less.
I should imagine that it is as simple to alter in Navigator but would welcome confirmation of this.
This should solve the problem.

Those using AOL (America On Line) might have the same problem.
You can solve it by changing to a different browser, like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, and if necessary adjusting the text size.

A friend of mine spotted the AOL problem, and is finding out how it might be fixed. I shall add that information when it arrives.

Hopefully, if there are a lot of people affected, I shall be able to adjust the title to solve the hiccup.
If there are any problems with this, or with other areas of the site, please email me. immediately,

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Thanks, John