First Published 1956 by Bodley Head

first edition dustwrapper.
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Bodley Head first edition
courtesy of Julia Manteghi

The second of two books by Monica Edwards for a series of about thirty 'Career' novels for girls, written by a variety of authors.

Rennie Jordan is seventeen, and has not fully recovered from an horrific car accident in which her mother died.
She loves horses and wishes only to be with horses. This is the story of her trials to break away from her father's and aunt's suffocating care and her own disabilities to make a career in the riding world.
It does not paint a rosy picture, all the disadvantages of this life are apparent, but it's a great story, and one which will have you riveted. It is, I'm sure, as relevant today as when it was written first.

First edition:
Mid green boards with dark green lettering on spine; 130x190mm; 189pp; no illustrations; [Dustwrapper illustration courtesy of Julia Monteghi]


1961: green boards, black blocking; 125x190mm; 189pp; no illustrations.
Dustwrapper by Cynthia Abbott; labelled second impression on front flap; cover price of 8s 6d has publisher's sticker over it for 9s 6d.

1961 edition dustwrapper.  Click to enlarge (File size=28KB)
1961 edition dustwrapper
by Cynthia abbott

Other Editions:

Knight paperback 1968

Knight Books, revised edition 1968:
Paperback edition by Brockhampton Press:

Knight paperback 1968
Green Knight 1968
paperback edition
First impression 1968: Photographic cover in colour, not credited; title page vignette as first edition, and repeated on back of cover with 7 lines of 'blurb'; no illustrations; 126pp + blank final sheet; SBN 340 04011 4; cover price 2/6.

Second impression 1970: As first impression; 126pp + 1 sheet with 2pp advertising other Knight books; SBN 340 04011 4; cover price 3/6 (17½p).

Knight third impression 1973:
New cover design, attractive cover artwork, painting of leaping horse and rider, unfortunately not credited;vignette dropped from back of cover; 'green' Knight tag retained on cover; 'blurb' on back of cover is different and carries title; 126pp + 2pp advertising other Knight books (different to 2nd imp list); ISBN 0 340 04011 4; cover price 25p.
Knight cover 1973. Click to enlarge
1973 impression cover
artist unknown

Knight paperback 1979.  Click to enlarge (File size=26KB)
Knight 1979 reprint
Knight fourth impression 1979:
New cover design: colour photograph, not credited, of girl on standing pony, 'Knight' chesspiece logo has dropped the green panel; rear has different and extended 'blurb'; internally the title page vignette retained; 126pp + 2pp adverts for other Knight books, different to 2nd imp; ISBN as 3rd imp; cover price now 60p.


Purnell 1968 in The Horse Lover's Leisure Book. An extract entitled A False Impression.

Foreign Editions:

B. Wahlströms Bokförlag 1969: Hardback; as Fin start, Bibi !

Hopeaori 1985: Hardback; as Uhkarohkea yritys.

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