First Published circa 1953 by Collins

The Collins Children's Annual containing 'Such a Pony Was Gipsy
Collins Children's Annual
containing 'Such a Pony was Gipsy
cover by Frank Varty
Illustrated by Maurice Tulloch

A short story.

Charlie Cooper's mother keeps a shop. Charlie likes horses and day-dreams of using a pony and trap to deliver goods around the area. The nearest he gets to them is when the coal is delivered by horse-drawn wagon.

Mr Huggins has a local greengrocery shop, where Charlie works on Saturday mornings, and this is where the story begins...

A charming story, unsentimental and full of the details of life we expect from this author.

First edition:

in the Collins Children's Annual (illustrated above).
This is an undated annual, but an inscribed copy dated 1953 is known.
The story runs from page 47 to 59 with a title illustration of the horse and nine line drawings by Maurice Tulloch. The annual also has a colour frontispiece entitled Gipsy was his favourite. This is signed 'MT', being also by Tulloch, and is shown at the bottom of this page.

[Info: The first story in this annual is The Elfin Oak by Terence Delaney.]


'The Splendid Story Book for Children' containing the short story 'Such a Pony was Gipsy'
The Children's Press 'Splendid Story Book'
containing 'Such a Pony was Gipsy'
The Children's Press:

in The Splendid Story Book for Children

Reprinted with all the original Maurice Tulloch black and white illustrations, although the artist is not credited. The book was not dated.

[Info: I no longer have a copy - so cannot give more details. I'm looking for one !]

Collins: c1955
in Our Favourite Story Book
An undated collection; annual format.

The front cover has a colour beach scene, girl on donkey with boy running alongside with dog. It was painted by Frank Varty, who had painted the cover of the Children's Annual above
Other contributors include: Enid Blyton, Hilda Boswell, Edward Boyd and Ivy Wallace.

[Info: The first story in this edition is The Magic Cottage by Hilda Boswell.]

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Collins annual (undated)
cover by Frank Varty

Gipsy was his favourite

The full colour page illustration by Maurice Tulloch for this story,used as a frontispiece in the Collins Children's Annual.
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Sheila Rose's colour illustration. Click to enlarge

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