Monica Edwards Album/Scrapbook


A portrait of a young Monica posed aboard a sailing vessel.
This is probably on the deck of one of the Rye Harbour fishing boats.
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Young Monica

Crusty Crampton. (Click each part to enlarge)
Crusty Crampton
'Crusty' Crampton

A set of three photographs by Monica Edwards of the local character 'Crusty' Crampton.
He is mentioned, with affection, in 'The Cats of Punchbowl Farm' on page 52, but almost certainly was an important influence on the young Monica as she grew up, and lent much to the seafaring character of her books.

Castle Farm

A drawing by Monica Edwards of the back of Castle Farm, taken, according to the inscription, from her 'youthful diary'.
This was used certainly, for guidance, by Geoffrey Whittam when he drew the Westling Map as by then the original farm had been demolished.
Castle Farm.
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Castle Farm

Rye Harbour postcard
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Rye Harbour postcard
Rye Harbour

A poscard with annotations by Monica, pointing out the locations of various places used in her books.
This was probably used, for reference, by artists depicting the scene.

Sailing Ship

A photograph taken by Monica, at Abersoch.
It shows her love of the sea, sailing ships and her skills as a photographer at a time when it was by no means as simple an activity as it is today.
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sailing ship

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