Serialisations of Monica Edwards' Books

Five of Monica Edwards' books were serialised in print, and one was serialised as a radio play.

The publishers Collins produced three of her children's books as serials in their monthly magazine. Originally Collins Magazine, it became The Young Elizabethan in 1953, but retained its format and its quality glossy paper which reproduced illustrations so well.
The first book they serialised was Black Hunting Whip. There were six episodes, all with illustrations by Geoffrey Whittam. Unlike the later serials, this found its way into the Annual for that year (Collins Annual Vol 4). The last illustration, showing Dion and the mysterious rider at the show varies in detail from that in the book. Possibly the plate or original was damaged before setting up for the book.
The author told me that the story was written as a serial, and later 'stitched together' for the book; which explained why it seemed episodic. She was pleased when I said that this certainly hadn't been apparent to me.

No Entry was the next book to be serialised. It appeared in seven episodes between the October 1953 and the April 1954 issues of the renamed magazine.
Again it was illustrated by Geoffrey Whittam, and there were at least two illustrations in the serial which never made it to the book.

The final Collins serialisation was of The Nightbird. Again illustrated by Geoffrey Whittam this serial was in eight episodes between April and November 1955.

No Entry was serialised (as a play ?) on BBC Radio Children's Hour in 1955.
This information is from the author's notes, as yet nothing more is known.

The Children's Newspaper serialised the story of the film The Dawn Killer in sixteen parts between March and September 1959 illustrated not with line drawings, but with still photographs from the film.
The story was novelised by the author and published as Killer Dog in 1959.

Extracts from Monica Edwards' non-fiction books appeared from time to time in various magazines, but the nearest one came to being considered a serialisation might be that of The Valley and the Farm which appeared in parts, severely abridged, in Woman's Realm magazine in 1971. It ran from the issue for week ending 31st July to that for week ending 28th August.

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