Sheila Rose


She illustrated three of Monica Edwards' short stories in the 1950s: A Sort of Miracle, The Horse that Came From the Sea and The Telegram.
I am fairly sure that she also was the artist of the first edition dustwrapper of Rennie Goes Riding in 1956. She is not credited, nor is there a signature, but the work bears a very strong resemblance to other, credited, dustwrapper designs of hers.

In 1959 she illustrated the novel Killer Dog although the dustwrapper illustration was provided by John Baker.

Armada 1963. Click to enlarge
Armada 1963
She produced the artwork for at least one cover for Armada - she is credited with two, but the second, Spirit of Punchbowl Farm has been confirmed as being painted by Mary Gernat.*

* (The original draft artwork was discovered recently. See the Mary Gernat page. June 2015)

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