First Published 1957 by Collins

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Collins 1957 First Edition
illustrated by Geoffrey Whittam

The discovery of rare migrant visitors to the castle ruins on the Marsh, and Old Jim's accident in Dunsford lead the youngsters into a summer of drama and intrigue.

First edition: 130x197mm; dark blue boards (but see below - Variant) with silver blocking on spine, title and author separated by star; map endpapers by Whittam; title page vignette and 15 listed illustrations; 255 pages.
Dustwrapper: rear gives criticisms from the press for three other Romney Marsh stories, rear flap gives similar for three Punchbowl Farm books; cover price (thanks to Jenny for this) 10s 6d.

Copy bound in red cloth with silver blocking. Otherwise identical to the above. Dustwrapper not seen.

Other Editions:

Children's Book Club 1958:
Hardback, pale yellow bds, black lettering, no publisher named on spine; 130x190mm; 255pp; map endpapers; title page vignette and 15 line illustrations, five full-page. 'This Edition 1958' on rear of title page.
Dustwrapper illustration as the first edition.
The Children's Book Club edition
Children's Book Club edition dustwrapper

The Chivers edition. Click to enlarge
The Chivers edition
courtesy of Belinda Collins
New Portway (Chivers) 1970
Hardback edition with dustwrapper.
190x125mm (7.5x5 inches); 255 pages; all the original Geoffrey Whittam illustrations (no map in copy seen, but possibly rebound). The book is an exact reproduction of the first edition text and so complete.
[For information on this edition, thanks to Belinda Collins]
Goodchild 1986:
Hardback edition revised by the author; 22cm; 224pp; no illustrations.
ISBN 0-86391-074-2
The dustwrapper is a copy of Whittam's original by Gordon King.
This edition still listed as available from
The Goodchild edition. Click to enlarge (File size=60KB)
The Goodchild edition dustwrapper

Girls Gone By 2007:
Published October 2007.
A new paperback edition. This has the full text and the Geoffrey Whittam illustrations of the first edition. Size: 19x13mm (7.5x5 inches); 294pp.
The publishers have used full colour for the cover, reproducing the front of the first edition wrapper; the rear shows the first edition spine and the 'blurb' from the front flap of the original wrapper.
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Girls Gone By edition
rear cover
The book opens with a 14 page preface by Shelley, Monica's daughter, which introduces the book, followed by an introduction to the author and the story's settings by Joy Wotton. These articles are both illustrated with photographs. The publication history of the book follows, and then the novel begins.

Another delightful edition from Girls Gone By.

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Front cover
by Geoffrey Whittam
GGB 2007
ISBN 978-1-84745-025-8; Cost price £10.99 including postage from the publishers. (Now out of print)

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