The Dawn Killer

Children's Film Foundation 1958 by J Arthur Rank

Produced by Associated British-Pathe Ltd.
Story by Monica Edwards.
Director/Producer Donald Taylor.
Screenplay Vivian Milroy.
Music Jack Beaver.

With: Jeremy Bulloch, Sally Bulloch, Suzan Farmer.

A film made for the Children's Film Foundation from a story by Monica Edwards. It was later serialised in the Children's Newspaper illustrated with stills from the film, some of which are shown here.
In 1959 the book of the film was published by Collins under the title Killer Dog.

The film was screened in eight episodes as a serial, the individual episodes having the following titles:

Episode 1. The Killer Strikes
Episode 2. Under Suspicion
Episode 3. The Stolen Sheep
Episode 4. The Killer Strikes Again
Episode 5. A Hard Choice
Episode 6. Tracking the Thief
Episode 7. Race against Time
Episode 8. The Champion Dog

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Colin gave Joe a sympathetic pat on the shoulder.
from the Children's Newspaper 6 June 1959
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Here was a very weary, slow moving Glen, muddy and with one paw bandaged.
from the Children's Newspaper 5 September 1959
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Glen had won the Southern Counties Cup outright.
from the Children's Newspaper 12 September 1959

Interestingly, Brian tells me that Jeremy Bulloch who played Colin, is the same actor who years later appeared as Boba Fett in Starwars !!

Above personnel and episode details from the Children's Film Foundation Catalogue.

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