First Published 1960 by Naldrett Press

Illustrated by William Stobbs
'William Stobbs illustration. Click to enlarge (File size=38KB)
Illustration from the first edition
by William Stobbs

A short story, set in Yorkshire in the Civil War.

The Plomers of Hyde Farm, part of Sir Robert Dudley's estate, have bred a fine working horse - a Great Horse - that dwarves their other heavy horses yet is as light on its feet as a deer.
Their son, Robin, loves this horse and names it Barbarossa.

But Cromwell is forming cavalry, and Sir Robert is his man and sees the value of the horse. Refusing to sell is a difficult, nigh on impossible, task for a tenant . . .

First edition:
in the The Pony Club Book 11 pages 48-61 with 3 line illustrations
'The Pony Club Book 11' containing 'The Great Horse'
The Pony Club Book 11 dustwrapper

Other editions

A Pony Scrapbook Piccolo 1972

This is a collection of articles, stories, cartoons, quizzes etc selected and edited by Christine Pullein-Thompson.
There are contributions from several authors and illustrators; Monica Edwards' contribution, The Great Horse, appears on page 76 and runs to page 94. On this appearance it is not illustrated.

Slightly larger than many paperbacks at 128x195mm, it has a colourful cover design, not credited; 144 pages, and was reprinted at least thrice. The final page in the book (p144) advertises other Piccolo books and varies, certainly between the second and fourth impressions. The fourth impression has a pink spine, whereas the second's is white.

'A Pony Scrapbook' 4th imp 1976. Click to enlarge
A Pony Scrapbook
Piccolo 1973 reprint
First impression 1972:

Second impression 1973: cover price 25p; ISBN 0-330-23266-5

Third impression: 197-?

Fourth impression: 1976: cp 35p.

The beautiful full page William Stobbs illustration from the first edition.
Stobbs illustration 3. Click to enlarge (File size=46KB)
Full page illustration from first edition
by William Stobbs

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