First Published 1948 by Collins

Illustrated by Anne Bullen
detail of main illustration by Anne Bullen. Click to enlarge (File size=37KB)
Bryony on 'Brown Jane'
detail of illus by Anne Bullen

A short story.

Dreamy ten year old Bryony and her elder brother Royston are left for the day on the farm.
Royston has not yet fully recovered from a bout of 'whooping cough' so when tradgedy strikes it falls to Bryony to act . . .

First edition: Appeared in the first issue of Collins Magazine in January 1948; pages 12-16.
It is illustrated with three lively pencil drawings, which incidentally reflect the artist's mastery of the subject better than her more formal pen and ink book illustations.

Reprinted in The Collins Magazine Annual, Volume I
pp12-16; with three tone illustrations.
Collins Magazine Annual Vol 1. Click to enlarge (File Size=55KB)
The lively Magazine Annual cover
by John Verney

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