First Published 1949 by Collins

Illustrated by Anne Bullen

1st edn d/w.
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Collins 1949 First Edition
'In this book we follow the adventures of Rissa and Tamrin (sic) during another summer with ponies on Romney Marsh. Collecting junk to swop with a gipsy for an unbroken colt, rehearsing for the Charge in the local pageant, camping out with their new friend Meryon Fairbrass, and at last cleaning (sic) up the mystery of the Hooded Horse that galloped the sands at dead of night. The country people thought it was a ghostly horse, and death to look on, but spirits don't leave footprints.
Readers of Monica Edwards will not need persuading to read this new story about their old friends. It is as full as her other books of interesting characters, good adventures, and the taste of southern England in summer-time.'
[Above quotation from the dustwrapper's front flap.]

A mystery on the marsh near Castle Farm, and the preparations for a Summer Carnival lead Rissa and Tamzin into the company of Meryon Fairbrass, the dashing descendant of a Sussex pirate; and with his assistance, and Roger's as well, their holiday does not drag.

First edition:
Red/pink boards, gold blocking on spine; plain front board; 135x200mm; 256pp; frontispiece and thirteen line illustrations.

Dustwrapper: colour painting of 'masked' horse by Anne Bullen, different view of same subject on the spine; rear flap has subscription form for the Collins Magazine; cover price 8s 6d. net.

Other Editions:

Crown Library dustwrapper
The Crown Library Edition
Collins Crown Library 1954:
Hardback with dustwrapper; smaller than the first edition, 130x190mm; red boards, black blocking; 256pp; no maps; rear of half title lists 12 books, the last is The Wanderer; the rear of the title page states:
The dustwrapper: illustration is as the first but with a 15mm white band at the base with Crown Library between two crowns and a crown logo above Collins on the spine; the front flap has the publisher's 'blurb', quoted in full above including the spelling errors, but the second paragraph now reads:
'Readers of Monica Edwards will welcome the appearance of The Midnight Horse, one of her most popular stories, in the Crown Library.'
It also bears the cover price of 5s. net

Collins 1971:
in the collection Three Great Pony Stories with two other novels by different authors.
The pagination for The Midnight Horse is the same as that in the first edition and all the illustrations are present, with the sole exception of the frontispiece.
The other two stories are Ponies for Hire by Margaret Macpherson first published in 1967 and They Bought her a Pony by Joanna Canaan first published in 1944. Both these books have their original illustrations.
The book is bound in green cloth with gold blocking to the spine and has almost 6oo pages. It was published at £1.25 and was reprinted in 1972
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dustwrapper design
by Carol Binch

The Goodchild edition
Goodchild edition
dustwrapper by Gordon King
Goodchild 1984:
revised by the author; 22cm; 192pp; ISBN 0-86391-007-6; black cloth with gold blocking on the spine.
There are no illustrations, but the endpapers have a redrawn version of Geoffrey Whittam's map of Westling area.
Full wrap-around dustwrapper by Gordon King.

Foreign Edition:

Vanguard Press 1950:
American edition; hardback with dustwrapper. Boards dark blue with the title on the spine in a royal blue; small drawing of a horse and rider on the right front cover also in dark blue with a white crescent moon above and to the left.
The paper it is printed on is not a high quality, some of the later pages have been cut poorly and stick out slightly from the rest.
Dustwrapper illustration based on the first edition, but showing the two startled girls as well as the mysterious horse; cp $2.50.
Additional information on this edition thanks to Sue Curnow

* I recently (2014) acquired a copy of this edition. - I shall describe it more fully soon, but there is one point I feel I should add now: This edition has no illustrations. John

American dustwrapper. Click to enlarge (File size=24KB)
Vanguard edition dustwrapper
Courtesy of Sue Curnow

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