First Published 1961 by Collins

First edition. Click to enlarge
Collins 1961 First Edition
illustrated by Geoffrey Whittam

Set in Punchbowl Farm, Surrey. The young characters from both series join forces. to look after the farm in the older Thorntons' absence.

First edition: dark blue boards, silver blocking; 135x200mm; 256pp; map ('version 2' with pipeline) by Charles Green; title page vignette and 15 line illustrations.
Dustwrapper in full colour by Whittam, advertising No Going Back on rear; cover price 12s 6d.

Other Editions:

Children's Book Club 1962:
Hardback. red boards, black lettering, 256pp; map and all the original illustrations.
Dustwrapper by Leslie Wood.
Children's Book Club edition
Children's Book Club dustwrapper

Armada edition
Armada cover
Armada 1969:
Paperback edition; 160pp; map, (version 1, not cred); 14 illustrations by Whittam (penult missing); cover illustration by Mary Gernat; Armada number C271; cover price 2/6.

Girls Gone By 2015:
New edition, with extra material.
Original text, map and illustrations. The front cover has the original Geoffrey Whittam cover art and his spine artwork is reproduced on the back of the book, alongside the publisher's 'blurb' from the fist edition front dustwrapper flap.

The additional material includes a new article on the cowboy entertainer Escott North written by Brian Parks. It is followed by his article on The Real Devil's Punchbowl. Two articles from Joy Wotton follow, one being on The Linked Books. My illustrated Publishing History for the book is next and it is followed by Note on the Text from Sarah Mash and Sarah Woodall wherein they describe alterations they have, and have not, made to the original text in preparing the book for publication..
This extra material fills the first 32 pages of the book.
IBN: 978-1-84745-199-6; priced at £13 including UK postage direct from the publishers.

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Paperback edition
Girls Gone By

Foreign Edition:

La Forja, Santillana 1962:
Spanish paperback edition as el desplazado.
110x185mm; 254pp; no illustrations; translation by Pilar Franco; cover not credited seems to interpret the title as being related to the human experience rather than the subject matter of the book. The rear of the book has an odd picture of the author, an early one, which looks as though she's on horseback, screaming.
Spanish paperback cover. Click to enlarge
Cover of the Spanish paperback
Santillana 1962

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