First Published circa 1953 by Collins

The Collins Girls' Annual containing 'The Telegram
Collins Girls' Annual containing 'The Telegram'
cover not credited
Illustrated by Sheila Rose

A short story. First edition:
in the The Collins Girls' Annual pages 50-59 with illustrations.

[Note: the same cover was used by Collins for a Girls' Own Story Book which had no Monica Edwards story]

[Info: The first story in the correct annual is Walls of Snow by Viola Bayley.]


Collins c.1958?:
in The Splendid Book for Girls
This collection has a different mix of short stories but includes The Telegram and all the original illustrations.
The book is undated, but probably from about 1958.

[Info: The first story in this annual is also Walls of Snow by Viola Bayley.]

'The Splendid Book for Girls' 
containing the short story 'The Telegram'. Click to enlarge
The Splendid Book for Girls
cover by Wynne
'The Crackerjack Book for Girls'
 containing the short story 'The Telegram'
The Crackerjack Book for Girls cover
not credited
The Children's Press:
in The Crackerjack Book for Girls
The story appears on pages 56-66 with all the original illustrations.
This annual, from the budget Collins imprint who also produced the cheap hardback edition of Wish for a Pony is undated, but could be as late as 1968 from the design. The contents are again a mixture of material, probably from stories and articles which had previously been published in the higher quality Collins Annuals of previous years.

NOTE: The Children's Press published several similar collections with Crackerjack in the title, it is necessary to confirm the contents before purchase.

[Info: The first story in this annual is Sarah's Adventure by Jane Shaw. Once again, a story which appears in the above Collins Annual and which has a colour plate in that, which is used here as a frontispiece.]

Girls Gone By 2016:

The Telegram is published in this edition of The White Riders from Girls Gone By.

The full story, exactly as printed in the Collins Girl's Annual, above, is included, with all the original illustrations by Sheila Rose, and it is accompanied by an illustrated publishing history telling all we know of the story's appearances in print.

More details of the book are on the 'The White Riders' page and details of the publishers on their page which can be found via the index. There is a direct link from GGBP page to their own site, and another link is at the top of the Welcome page.

This edition is now 'out of print' at the publishers. December 2016
It may still be available new for some time from dealers who hold stock.

Girls Gone By

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