First Published 1953 by Collins

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Collins 1953
First Edition
illustrated by Joan Wanklyn

Lindsey has problems with the infuriating colt Chalice whose escapes torment the Thorntons.
Trailing around the Devil's Punchbowl at night in the rain looking for Chalice would be bad enough, but the heifers are being led out as well. And it's term time. But there's time to hunt foxes, Dion gets one, though not as expected; Peter spends hours hunting one particular rabbit, Muncher, and Lindsey takes up the organ.
A nasty accident on the Punchbowl road brings more problems.

First edition: pale blue boards with dark blue blocking; 135x190mm; 253pp; map endpapers (first version, not credited); title page vignette and 9 b/w half-page illustrations.
The text finishes on page 253. The following page is an advertisement for the Collins Magazine - with subscription details.
Dustwrapper: full colour picture of girl confronting frightened colt at night, spine picture similar; rear gives three crits of her work and lists eight other titles; rear flap has a subscription form for the Collins Magazine; the front flap has the book's cover price of 8s. 6d. net.


2nd impression 1953: light blue boards with impressed gilt blocking including star; 'COLLINS', on base, is in smaller sized blocking; overall size of the book is the same as the first.
There is no date on front of the title page, but:

on its reverse.
My copy has no maps. the front and rear free endpapers have been removed and there is an inscription 'for Xmas 1954' on the front endpaper.
Otherwise the book is identical to the first edition, including the last page advert for Collins Magazine.
My copy has no dustwrapper.

Other Editions:

Collins 1957: [this is the six shilling edition listed in ME's notebook as 1956]
Red cloth; serif lettering on spine with star between author and title, internally as first edition, but rear of the title page states:

* One copy seen has no map endpapers, the other has the same map endpapers as the original. *
The dustwrapper artwork on front and spine is as the first, but rear different: this edition has Stories of Punchbowl Farm by Monica Edwards at the top followed by four farm titles each with review quotes from the press. These are The Wanderer, Punchbowl Midnight, Spirit of Punchbowl Farm and Punchbowl Harvest.
Similarly the rear dustwrapper flap has Romney Marsh Stories by Monica Edwards listing three titles again with review quotes. These are No Entry, The Midnight Horse and Cargo of Horses.
The price on the front flap is 6s. net.
information on this edition's dustwrapper from Rachael Newshon, and advertising photographs.
Children's Book Club 1955:
Green boards, black blocking on spine only, identical to first, including the star between title and author, but no publisher; title page bears Book Club inprint and reverse bears This Edition 1955; 125x190mm; 253pp; all illustrations but no maps.
Dustwrapper picture wraps to include the spine, poor illustration of foal in field, not credited; rear lists forthcoming books in CBC; cover price 3s 6d
The Children's Book Club edition. 
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The Children's Book Club edition 1955

The Armada edition.
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Armada 1968 cover
Armada 1968
Armada number C213; 192pp; cover by Mary Gernat; all the original illustrations; title page vignette placed on page opposite Chapter One.
Both cover and illustration artists are credited on the title page.
The original endpaper map has been replaced by the later one by Charles Green and appears immediately after the title page; the cover price '2/6' is printed bottom right on the front cover.

Reprinted, circa 1970, with the new dual price of '3/6 (17½p)'.
This was the cover price of new editions in 1970. The price is printed on the back of the book, along with prices for Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The three-quarter view of the departing galleon and lettering of the Armada logo on the first cover are replaced by the later stylised side view.
Internally the title page has had the logo updated and the list opposite, of Monica Edwards titles in the Armada series, is reduced to six. The artist credits are retained.

Girls Gone By 2012:
New paperback edition.
279 pages; The original story is reproduced here in its full text, along with its map and all the original illustrations. As with all these editions, there are extras included, in this case the short story Sure Magic - originally published in 1955 and reprinted several times in other collections. This is also presented with its original illustrations as well as other artists' illustrations from later publications.
The publishing histories for both these works are added, that of the book by myself and for Sure Magic by Clarissa Cridland.
Two articles by Brian Parks are also included: The London to Portsmouth Road and The Real Devil's Punchbowl. Joy Wotton's articles on the linked books and extra information follow, as does a detailed report on the text of the original work and of this edition, provided by Sarah Mash and Sarah Woodall.

This is the sixteenth Monica Edwards title published by Girls Gone By and the first to appear without a preface by Shelley, Monica Edwards' daughter. Sadly, but understandably, Shelley has found it increasingly difficult to find new material after spending the best part of eight years revisiting the past and revealing anecdotes of life on the farm in her youth. Her 15 prefaces have provided a wonderful insight into those days. We must be grateful for those. Thank you so much Shelley.

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Girls Gone By edition

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