First Published 1950 by Collins

illustrated by Geoffrey Whittam

1st edn d/w.
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Collins 1950
First Edition
'In this book you can share with Tamzin and Rissa (whom you may have met before in Wish for a Pony, The Summer of the Great Secret and The Midnight Horse) another high adventure on the Romney Marsh. This is an autumn and wintertime story, and is centred in and around the solitary farmhouse of the Merrow family, where Tamzin and Rissa keep house for the shepherd and his son in Mrs. Merrow's absence. Here they grapple with domestic problems and the hazards which arise from a plan by some city men to build a holiday camp.
Disguising themselves as the dreaded White Riders, they gallop with their friends Meryon and Roger over the marsh at midnight, and by other daring schemes succeed in beating back the invaders. But it is a close and perilous fight.

Monica Edwards has lived for years on Walland Marsh, and this is the part of Romney Marsh that she knows best. All her backgrounds are accurately drawn, and though some of the names have been altered, the castle, the ferry, the farmhouse, the Vicarage and all the rest, are there for you to see if you should some day find yourself on Walland's wide, wet and windy acres.'
[The above is from the front flap of the dustwrapper]

First edition:
Hardback with dustwrapper; red boards, gold blocking; plain front board; 135x200mm; 254pp; no map; title page vignette, endpiece and 14 line illustrations, 4 full page; the title page also carries the publication date 1950 at the bottom, as is normal for Collins first editions.
Dustwrapper: atmospheric painting of ghostly riders around Camber, or Cloudesey, Castle at night, signed and dated Geoffrey Whittam '49 at bottom right. The scene is continued to include the spine where a single mounted rider stands.
The back of the dustwrapper advertises More Pony Books and lists The Midnight Horse, No Mistaking Corker and The Summer of the Great Secret under Monica Edwards, and the books of The three riding-and-writing sisters, Christine, Diana and Josephine Pullein-Thompson.
The rear flap carries an advertisement and subscription form for "COLLINS" FOR BOYS AND GIRLS describing it as A Book published in Canada.
The front flap carries the cover price 8s. All the text on this dustwrapper is in blue.

Other Editions:

Collins 'six shilling edition' 1960:
Hardback with dustwrapper; red boards, black blocking; title in lower case with leading capitals, author in capitals, both serif style and separated by a star; smaller than the first edition, 5"x7.5" (190x127mm); blank endpapers; 254pp; title page vignette, endpiece and 14 b/w illustrations.
Rear of title page states:

The dustwrapper has the same artwork as the first edition, but has been trimmed to fit the smaller size of the book, losing the artist's signature. However, the back and rear flaps of this dustwrapper differ from the first.
The back has: Romney Marsh stories by MONICA EDWARDS and lists The Nightbird, Operation Seabird and No Entry with quotes from reviews.
Similarly the rear flap has Stories of Punchbowl Farm by MONICA EDWARDS and lists Frenchman's Secret, No Entry and Punchbowl Harvest, all with a review quote. [Note the error of including No Entry here]
All the text on this dustwrapper is black.
[For much of the information on this edition, thanks to Matthew Hyde.]

Puffin 1956:
paperback with wrap round cover design by Geoffrey Whittam; 239pp; original illustrations; Puffin Story Book No. 95; cover price 2/6.

reprinted with slight cover differences:
1961: cover price 3/-.
1964: cover price 3/6.
1965: cover price 4/-.
1968: cover price 4/-.

Puffin fist edition cover by Geoffrey Whittam.  Click to show full cover.
Puffin paperback 1956

Goodchild edition. Click to enlarge
Goodchild 1984
Goodchild 1984:
revised by the author; 22cm; 216pp; 'copy' of the later map on the endpapers; no illustrations.
ISBN 0-86391-038-6
Dustwrapper similar to original, by Gordon King
This edition is still listed as available from

Girls Gone By 2016

New paperback edition published in October 2016.
As the others from GGBP it has the complete text and all the illustrations from the first edition. Where alterations have been made they are very minor 'corrections' and are listed and explained in the short paragraph on page 13: 'Notes on the Text'.
It has an illustrated publishing hstory showing and describing the other editions in which the book has appeared.

In addition it has , following the text of The White Riders, a reprinting of The Telegram, a short story by Monica Edwards, making its first appearance in print for fifty years.

The book's design follows the usual pattern for the series, the spine artwork is reproduced on the back of the cover, alongside the text 'blurb' from the front flap of the first edition's dustwrapper.
The book has 148 pages; is illustrated throughout in black and white with the original line drawings of both stories, and black and white photographs of earlier editions.
ISBN 978-1-84745-215-3; price is currently (2016) £13 including postage from the publishers.
N.B. Dec. 2016: This edition is now 'out of print' at the publishers. It will, however, still be available new for some time from dealers who hold stock.

Girls Gone By

Foreign editions:

Swedish edition cover. Click to enlarge
Swedish edition cover
Rabén & Sjögren (Stockholm) 1959:

as De vita ryttarna. Hardback edition; no dustwrapper, pictorial front board with cover artwork from the Puffin edition; 177 pages; no illustrations.
Translation by Stina Hergin, personal names, locations etc names retained.

Braille Edition:
Joy Wotton has (Sept 2009) found it listed in the current library catalogue of Canberra Braille Transcribers:
No date or detail given.

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