First Published 1968 by Collins

First edition dustwrapper.  Click to enlarge (File size=37KB)
Collins 1968 First Edition
illustrated by Richard Pitt Kennedy

This was her penultimate book and one of the author's favourites.

It is set in the grounds of Winterfold, a real, seemingly abandoned, estate and involves a runaway stable lad and his charge being protected by a bunch of modern youngsters.

With this move away from her series characters, whose backgrounds had been laid down some twenty years earlier, she was able here to bring her main people much more into the modern world.

First edition:
Green boards, silver blocking; 135x200mm; 192pp; 15 line illustrations.
Dustwrapper rear advertises The Wild One; front flap carries the pre-decimal cover price of 15s. net.

Other Editions:

The Children's Book Club undated (published 1969 or later).
Hardback edition, smaller than the original: 125x190mm. Bound in red cloth and with the same style blocking of title and author, but no publisher, on the spine.
The text block is printed from the original plates, so pagination the same. All illustrations are present. The only differences are the lack of publishing date (only the copyright date of 1968 remains) and the Children's Book Club's name and address replace Collins' at the bottom of the title page.
The dustwrapper artwork is unique to this edition and wraps to include the spine. The artist is, sadly, not credited.

CBC edition. Click to enlarge
CBC edition cover
German edition. Click to enlarge
Engelbert edition cover
Engelbert (peb Bücherei) 1973:
As Bruce und der Wildhengst.
Hardback with pictorial boards with illustration by Werner Kulle; 140x210mm; 171pp; no illustrations; ISBN 3-536-01076-8.

Braille Editions:

Joy Wotton has (Sept 2009) found it listed in the current library catalogues of the RNIB:
1972 in Canada.
1980 Australia, this record states 2 volumes.

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