First Published 1971 by Michael Joseph

First edition dustwrapper. Click to enlarge.
Michael Joseph 1971
First Edition
Autobiographical account illustrated by the author's photographs (missing from the paperback edition). Set in Punchbowl Farm, Surrey.

First edition: Dark blue boards with silver lettering on the spine only; 145x220mm; 141pp; 31 black and white photographs.
ISBN 7181-0839-6
Dustwrapper is colour photograph of stream and valley by the author; published at £1.90.

Other Editions:

Woman's Realm magazine 1971: from week ending 31st July to week ending 28th August 1971 severely abridged serialisation.

Quality Book Club 1972:
Hardback with dustwrapper; c.135mm x 220mm; 141pp; 31 black and white photographs; new dustwrapper illustration, not credited.

For information and illustration of this edition - thanks to Kate Hartland-Westwood (and Nigel!)

. Click to enlarge
Quality Book Club 1972

The New English Library edition. Click to enlarge
Nel 1974
paperback edition

Nel (New English Library) 1974:
Paperback; 141pp; colour cover as first edition dustwrapper; cover price 40p; no illustrations; SBN 450-01778-8.

The cover photograph of the valley - taken by Monica Edwards - is the same as used in the first edition wrapper, but has been reversed - left to right - for the cover of this paperback edition. One wonders which is the correct picture ?

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