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Cargo of Horses
published by Girls Gone By
Almost Out of Print !

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The Monica Edwards Appreciation Society

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The White Riders
including the short story:
The Telegram
Published October 2016 by Girls Gone By
Dec 2016 - OUT OF PRINT !
The Outsider
Girls Gone By: Now out of print

The Cownappers
the new edition is now out of print

Frenchman's Secret
Now in paperback from Girls Gone By
Out of print at GGBP - buy from dealers

Punchbowl Harvest
Has joined the Girls Gone By library.
Out of print at GGBP - buy from dealers

Heroines on Horseback
by Jane Badger - now published
Out of print at GGBP - buy from dealers

The Wanderer
from Girls Gone By
includes the short story Sure Magic
Out of print at GGBP - buy from dealers

Spirit of Punchbowl Farm
Published Spring 2012
Out of print at GGBP - buy from dealers

The Punchbowl Companion is Now Published !
by Girls Gone By
Brian Parks' enlarged and revised guide to the Farm books
Out of print at GGBP - buy from dealers

Martello No. 10
Is out now (2014)

and don't forget Brian Parks'
Monica Edwards Biography
Out of print at GGBP - buy from dealers

This website is devoted to the English children's author Monica Edwards.

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You will find notes on the range and history of Monica Edwards' career in the Introduction page of the Titles section, and a brief account of her life in the Biography section, the latter with some photographs.

The site has been 'live' for more than seven years, and grows all the time, if fitfully. It started simply as an illustrated list of Monica Edwards' books, from a booklet I made to remind me which editions I had found. It 'grew like Topsy' and now needs an Index (above) to help find me find information. To help returning browsers see what's new I've added a page to record these 'updates' and additions. To get there select the Extra! link above.

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