First Published 1947 by Collins

illustrated by Anne Bullen

photo of 1st edn d/w.
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Collins 1947 First edition
'At the beginning of the holidays, Tamzin's white arab horse Fallada, existed in a picture on a calendar, and her friend Rissa's mount was a bicycle. The long exciting summer which this book tells about, stretched ahead of them. At first there were only the Dunsford Dairy ponies to be ridden to the forge, or old Twinkle to be fetched up from her field for the local farmer; but through an accident they meet the owner of Hillocks stables, who, in exchange for their help in grooming the ponies, cleaning the tack and carrying pails of water, lets them learn to jump, ride in a gymkhana, gallop on the sands, or swim the horses in the sea. So much happens and there is so much to do that they cannot often find time to walk with their eyes shut through the wishing gate making their usual wishes; but when school looms near again, at least one of these often repeated ones, proves not to have been in vain.'
[From the front flap of the dustwrapper.]

First edition: published April 1947; pale green boards with a vignette of a pony's head in red on the front board; 135x200mm; 159 pp; frontispiece, 19 line illustrations, and tailpiece.

Dustwrapper: head and shoulders 'portrait' of white pony, sea in background; Anne Bullen credited on spine; rear flap advertises No Mistaking Corker.


August 1947: Identical to first edition except for reprint history on reverse of title page and advertisement for the new Collins Magazine on rear of d/w; cover price 8s 6d.

1951: [SE List; may refer to Collins Crown Library edn]

Other Editions:

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Collins Crown Library 1951
Collins Crown Library 1951:
The same height and width as the first edition, but noticeably thicker; yellow boards, red lettering, no star on spine; plain front board; 130x200mm; 159pp; rear of title page has:
The rear of the last page has an advertisement for Collins Magazine; all the original illustrations.

A completely new dustwrapper: red, with vignettes on spine and front; spine has black and white vignette of girl rider jumping, front vignette colour, of girl and pony in stable - artist not credited but probably not Bullen; rear of d/w does not list Summer of the Great Secret amongst the other Crown Library issues; my copy is price clipped but has 6/- overseas printed above the clip line.

Collins Seagull Library 1956
listed by SE but not seen by him. No information.

Collins Laurel and Gold series 1957:
A small hardback edition; overall size 159x105mm (approx 6.5x4 inches); orange cloth with gilt blocking - title and author and series logo on front board, title and number '185' and 'Collins' on spine.
On the back of the title page is printed First Edition, March, 1957 (a source of some confusion); 192 pages; not abridged; the use of capitals in the first edition retained for this edition; all the original Bullen illustrations bar two, though with new captions; dustwrapper not seen - probably the series was issued without.

A very nice edition, and clearly printed, having the advantage of a better quality of paper than some of the other editions which makes the illustrations particularly crisp.
Issued in a 2nd impression 1960.

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Collins Laurel and Gold edition

Children's Press c1957:
Complete text; cheaper paper with a tendency to brown with age; 17 of the original illustrations by Anne Bullen were used in these editions.
first Children's Press d/w. Click to enlarge
Children's Press d/w
Dustwrapper: Tamzin and Rissa on ponies by the sea, artist not credited but probably not Anne Bullen.
Reprinted several times until 1966.
New dustwrapper by Geoffrey Whittam introduced after 1966 but book still carried that date and was reprinted 1968 now with pictorial boards of Whittam's newer design. This was reprinted again in 1969 and 1970.
photo of later Children's Press cover. Click to enlarge
Children's Press
1968 edn

photo of Armada cover. Click to enlarge
Armada 1963
Armada 1963:
reprinted after 1966: cover by Mary Gernat; all original illustrations; 159pp; text has the capitals of the original text replaced with italics for stressed words in the children's speech; cover price 2/6; Armada number C25

Collins Pony Library 1972:
new edition; Number One in the 'Pony Library' series; one of four of her books published in these editions:
pictorial boards, artist not credited, but neither Bullen nor Whittam; 125x190mm (approx 7.5x5 inches); cheap paper; 159pp; text has italics to replace the original use of capitals for stressed words; not abridged as far as I can tell; with all of the original Bullen illustrations except the frontispiece; rear of title page states First printed in this new edition 1972; ISBN 0-00-164301-0.
Reprinted 1973:
Pony Library cover. Click to enlarge
Collins Pony Library edition
cover artist unknown

Goodchild 1984:
Hardback edition with dustwrapper; revised by the author.
Green cloth with gold blocking on spine; 156pp; no illustrations; no map.
Full colour wrap-around dustwrapper by Gordon King; ISBN 0-86391-002-5; (cover price £6.25: 1984)
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dustwrapper by Gordon King
for the Goodchild edition 1984
Foreign editions:

B. Wahlströms, Stockholm 1971:
Swedish edition; as Monica klarar alla hinder.
Hardback; 157 pages; translation by Gunvor Håkansson.
Reprinted: 3rd impression 1973; ISBN: 91-32-10296-8

Norwegian edition cover. Click to enlarge
Norwegian edition cover
Norwegian edition (1974/5)
Published by Fredhüis Forlag as Monica Klarer Alle Hindre
Translation by Håkon Qviller
Small hardback edition, 159pp; no illustrations; cover illustration not credited; ISBN 82-04-00523-7; cp KR. 19,50

The book is not dated but is listed by the author as 1974/5.
The title might be translated as 'Monica Clears All Hurdles' and indicates that Tamzin's name is changed to Monica for this translation. Rissa becomes Rita and Diccon Dick, thankfully Jim stays firmly Jim.

1976 Braille edn New Zealand
Listed thus by SE but not seen by him.
Joy Wotton has (Sept 2009) found it listed in the current library catalogue of the RNZFB (New Zealand), which confirms its existence, but no further information given.

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