William Morris

William is a long standing enthusiast for the Punchbowl Farm books and has explored all the area of the Devil's Punchbowl and walked the land surrounding the farm for more than thirty years.

He is enthusiastic to share his delight with others and has, for the past few years, lead walks in the wild lands surrounding the Farm.

He recently teamed up with M*E*A*S, and was instrumental in the organisation of the Centenary celebrations at Thursley in 2012 and the dedication of the yew tree in the valley in May this year.

In addition to this, he has found time to write a fascinating introduction to the Girls Gone By edition of Punchbowl Harvest, illustrated with some of his own photographs.

A man of unbounded talent, and energy !

To contact William - use his email address: morris657@btinternet.com

William Morris at Thursley Church Stile
September 2008

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